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Five of the Best: Spies


Key art showing the iconic Solid Snake character from Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. He's  younger, fuller of face and grizzled.
Image credit: Konami

Five of the Best is a weekly series for supporters of Eurogamer. It's a series that highlights some of the features in games that are often overlooked. It's also about having your say, so don't be shy, use the comments below and join in!

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Wasn't that Perfect Dark reveal good? If you don't know, we got a long look at it during the Xbox Summer Game Fest showcase. We saw through Joanna Dark's eyes as she climbed and zipwired and slid around, and kicked and pistol whipped and code-breaked her way into places she probably shouldn't be. But she's a spy - that's her job! It made me think about all of the other times we've been a spy behind enemy lines, thrilling at our flagrant breaking of the rules. There have certainly been a fair few spy games. Which of them, though, are the best?

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