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Diablo 3: Eternal Collection gets a November release date on Switch

Devil's in the details.

Blizzard has announced that Nintendo Switch owners will finally be able to get their hands on dungeon-crawling compilation Diablo 3: Eternal Collection on November 2nd.

Eternal Collection, if you haven't been following along in your book, bundles up Diablo 3's base game, its Reaper of Souls and Rise of the Necromancer expansions, and a few Switch-exclusive features to boot. The latter are predominantly inspired by The Legend of Zelda, and include a cosmetic armour set modelled on Ganondorf, a cucco pet, a Triforce portrait frame, and wings that players can strap to their characters.

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The Switch version supports four players locally on a single console, as well as online play. The latter includes access to Diablo's Seasons mode, which features additional objectives and rewards and a competitive, laddered levelling experience. You will, unsurprisingly, need to be a member of Nintendo's new paid subscription service if you intend to play online - and Diablo 3 will also support Switch's new membership-only cloud saves.

On the technical front, Blizzard has previously confirmed that Diablo 3: Eternal Collection will run at 60 frames per second "across the board" on Switch, with a resolution of 720p in handheld mode, and 960p in docked mode. It'll set you back around £49.99.

Eurogamer's Aoife Wilson took Diablo 3's "solid and dependable" Switch port for a whirl in August, and came away pleased by what she saw.