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New Street Fighter 5 costumes may be the closest we get to a new Darkstalkers for a while


Capcom has announced new Darkstalkers costumes for Street Fighter 5.

With no new Darkstalkers game on the horizon, this may well be the closest fans will get to playing a new game in the horror-flavoured fighting game series for a while.

The costumes see Chun-Li turned into Morrigan, Ed dressed as Demitri and Menat cosplaying as Felicia.

This isn't the first time Capcom's released Darkstalkers costumes for Street Fighter 5. Already available are Urien as Donovan, Juri can as Lilith and Menat as Khaibit.

The costumes come out 25th September, in time for Halloween. Speaking of Halloween, Street Fighter 5 is also getting new costumes for the event. Abigail turns into the cyclops, Falke tries her hand at being a shinigami, Guile is a zombie and Kolin is a witch.

Meanwhile, on 25th September Street Fighter 5 also gets the new dojo feature. This is a free stage customisation system, and you can invite other players into your dojo and manage it as a community hub.

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