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There are judgemental cat statues offering rewards to Destiny 2: Forsaken players

The Dreaming Kitty.

Destiny 2: Forsaken players have discovered that cat statues secreted around the Dreaming City are rewarding players with new gear.

Right now it's not clear how many of these feline statuettes are littered around the place, nor if the rewards are randomised or preset, but there's one at the top of the oracle engine room in the Spine of Keres should you wish to go exploring.

"I know Bungie said Forsaken would take a darker tone but I wasn't expecting to have a existential crisis because of a judgemental cat," said the appropriately named u/CattiestEight6 on Reddit.

"I was exploring earlier and noticed a cave entrance right at the bottom of a cliff on the edge of the map.. I climbed down and went inside.. I found a cat sitting in there asking for a gift," added u/BillzB89. "Apparently I'd picked up whatever it wanted because I gave it an item and I got a pulse rifle in return. Such a random encounter. The Dreaming City is amazing it really feels huge and explorable."

Image credit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a3KuYM7bvV0

Others are reporting the kitties have bestowed players with swords, guns, cloaks, and power weapons, although right now, it would appear that the kitty rewards are set at the soft cap of 500. Redditors suggest that giving the cat an item that smells of mint will unlock the gift, although if you don't have the right item - which seem to be obtainable through public events and patrols in the Dreaming City - the cat will dismiss you with a curt: "You lack something".

If you're struggling to find them, you're not alone.

"They're not out in the open," advises u/Toxinogen. "You have to search out of the way places. Climb some cliffs and poke around some caves. Also, try putting on a headset/earbuds and turning the music down to 2 or 3 (or off) in your settings while you're exploring. The cats (and other scannable objects) all emit the same shimmering sound as chests and resources when you get close to them. That's how I've found a ton of secret stuff so far."

For a full rundown on cat location known to date, this Reddit guide should help.

Wesley's been enjoying what he's played of Destiny 2: Forsaken, saying "so far [...] so good", and suggesting the latest expansion takes "lots of what people loved about Destiny 1 and adding cool new experiences, such as Gambit. All this is underpinned by the wonderful gunplay Destiny has always had".

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