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Treyarch says it will tackle teamkill looting in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Blackout

Good grief.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4's Blackout mode has been out for a week now (check out impressions here), and Treyarch continues to update not just the game but the community. This time, it's announced plans to tackle teamkill looting.

The battle royale mode, which is currently in beta, has friendly fire enabled, which means your teammates can kill you. In Blackout, like in other battle royale games, you can loot dead players, including your teammates. While this is a valid strategy, some people are deliberately killing their teammates in order to loot their corpses. You can play Blackout solo, in teams of two or in teams of four, and while Treyarch encourages you to play with friends, it's not always possible. And so, griefing can and does occur.

In a post on r/BlackOps4, Treyarch pointed to the "report player" function in the game's social menu, and insisted it is banning players for intentional teamkilling. But it also agreed with the community's call to prevent teammates from looting their dead teammates.

"We agree with this approach and are adding this, or something similar, to our 'To Do' list," Treyarch said.

"We have a zero-tolerance policy for intentional teamkillers. Be sure to report them so we can bring the banhammer down."

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Treyarch's post has gone down well with fans. Indeed, Treyarch has been praised for its communication with players, which has involved daily update posts, as well as the frequency of updates to the game itself.

Elsewhere, Treyarch once again addressed Blackout's body armour issue, which we've reported on before. The developer said in the launch version of the game, players will see an armour health bar that appears above their own health bar in the HUD when wearing armour. This in response to players asking for a clearer method of showing how much damage their armour has taken. (The armour icon will continue to break apart as it does now.)

Blackout on PlayStation 4 currently has a maximum player count of 88 per match. Blackout on PC and Xbox One currently has a max of 80 players, which is the same as Blackout on PS4 started with. Treyarch said it'll test different player counts "so that we can optimise to be ready for launch on 12th October".

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