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Ex-Call of Duty: Black Ops devs are making a brand new IP for PlayStation

No brainer.

Former Call of Duty: Black Ops developers are making a brand new IP for PlayStation.

Deviation Games was set up by CEO Dave Anthony and director Jason Blundell, both of whom worked on Call of Duty at Treyarch.

Blundell, one of the chief creators of Call of Duty's popular zombies mode, left Treyarch in 2020 after 13 years.

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Blundell began working on nazi zombies - the co-op bonus mode in which players fought against waves of enemies - back in 2007 for 2008's Call of Duty World at War. World at War was the first game in Activision's blockbuster shooter series to feature a zombies mode, although it was only playable once the campaign was completed. It would go on to gain huge popularity within Treyarch's Black Ops games as a fully-fledged mode separate to campaign and traditional multiplayer.

Blundell became co-studio head of Treyarch in November 2016 after a stint directing the zombies modes of the various Black Ops games. Dave Anthony also worked on World at War and the Black Ops games as a producer and director.

There's no news on Deviation Games' PlayStation game, although Anthony confirmed there are over 100 staff currently at the studio.

"As for today, I'm here to say: keep an eye on us - we've brought on amazing talent from around the world, we're over 100 Deviators and growing fast, and we have an incredible partner behind us in SIE," Anthony said in a PlayStation Blog post.

The Deviation partnership follows what sounds like a similar deal Sony signed with Assassin's Creed co-creator Jade Raymond's new studio, Haven Entertainment Studios, which is also developing a fresh IP for PlayStation.