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Nintendo Direct broadcast scheduled for tomorrow

UPDATE: New timing finalised.

UPDATE 6/9/18: Last week's postponed Nintendo Direct will be broadcast tomorrow - exactly seven days on from when it was originally scheduled.

So that is, once again, 11pm in the UK, midnight in central Europe, and 6pm Eastern or 3pm Pacific across the pond.

UPDATE 6/9/18: Today's planned Nintendo Direct has been delayed due to a serious earthquake in Hokkaido, Japan.

Reports this morning state at least eight people have died, with dozens missing, and 5.3 million Hokkaido residents left without power.

Nintendo announced the delay this morning via its social media channels, just over 12 hours before the broadcast was due to go live. There's no word yet on when it will be rescheduled.

ORIGINAL STORY 5/9/18: The latest Nintendo Direct will broadcast tomorrow evening at 11pm UK time.

That's midnight in central Europe, and 6pm Eastern or 3pm Pacific for our friends across the pond.

Nintendo's broadcast is well timed to iron out the last details of the Switch's upcoming online subscription service, which is due to go live sometime around the end of the month.

"Tune in for roughly 35 minutes of information on upcoming Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch titles," the company's official description reads.

Here's hoping we get to see more of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (with another new character, perhaps), as well as some other third-party games due to fill the gaps in Nintendo's own release schedule for the rest of the year.

As usual, we'll be reporting all the announcements as they happen.

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