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Civilization 6 being built for Nintendo Switch

Play while Roming.

A Nintendo Switch version of Sid Meier's Civilization 6 will launch on 16th November, publisher 2K Games has confirmed.

It's the latest announcement clearly designed to drop last night during the now-postponed Nintendo Direct, following Final Fantasy 15: Pocket Edition for Nintendo Switch popping up earlier this morning.

The Switch version of Civ 6 includes the Vikings, Poland, Australia and Persia/Macedon content packs which have already been made available, as well as the various other game updates released since its launch on PC.

There's also four-player local co-operative and competitive play.

We've yet to see a press release, although an official site for the game is now live. The embedded YouTube trailer is currently set to offline, however. Separately, the game has also popped up on the Korean ratings board (thanks, Resetera). Clearly, the last-minute postponement of yesterday's Nintendo Direct is causing some issues.

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Civilization 6

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