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Civilization 6 DLC leaks ahead of official announcement

Gathering storm.

A new DLC pass for Civilization 6 has seemingly been leaked, with an official announcement expected at some point today.

The leak was spotted on the mobile version of the official website for Sid Meier's Civilization a few days ago. The image has since been taken down from the website, but not before it was downloaded and screenshotted by several people.

The image has been shared to social media sites including Reddit and ResetEra, and claims the new DLC will be titled Leader Pass.

Civilization 6 Anthology announcement trailer.Watch on YouTube

The image shows four new leaders. One is most certainly Abraham Lincoln, with that top hat and beard. Speculation within the community on the other leaders depicted in the art includes Ramesses, Ngola Nzinga and Mary Queen of Scots.

Yesterday, Firaxis posted a short video to Twitter stating an announcement will be made today on new DLC. We'll be keeping an eye out for any updates.

The most recent update for Civilization 6 was in April 2021, which added new maps, units, and balancing tweaks as part of the New Frontier Pass.