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Civilization 6 is getting Portugal, Zombie Defense mode and two new world wonders

Sail away.

Firaxis has announced the sixth and final DLC pack in the Civilization 6 - New Frontier Pass.

The Portugal pack includes a new leader and civilisation (Portugal, obviously), the new optional game mode Zombie Defense, two new world wonders in the Torre de Belém and Etemenanki, and a new Wetlands map script.

Firaxis is saving a deep dive on Portugal for a future update, but as you'd expect the civ will revolve around naval gameplay, particularly maritime exploration and trade - something not a lot of other civs specialise in. There's more in the video below:

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In Zombie Defense mode, every unit slain in combat has a chance to rise from the battlefield as a zombie, which will then chase and attack the nearest non-zombie. Units successfully killed will respawn as zombies themselves.

You have new trap and barricade improvements, which are built on owned or neutral territory, to deal damage to zombie units passing through or near them. You can also build two city projects that let you temporarily control the zombies within your city limits, which then lets you redirect zombies to target enemy units or move them out of the city.

There's also the zombie defense spy operation, which lets you try to spawn zombies on worked tiles in another player's city.

The Portugal pack launches on 25th March, and is included with the New Frontier Pass or is available to buy individually for £3.99.

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