May 2012 Archive

    1. Activision vs Zampella & West case settled out of court
    2. Limbo, Bastion, Amnesia headline stellar Humble Bundle
    3. Leonard Nimoy, Hayden Panetierre provide Kingdom Hearts 3D voices
    4. Assassin's Creed 3: UbiWorkshop Edition announced
    5. Fez racks up 100,000 XBLA sales
    6. Ubisoft launches legal action over Assassin's Creed copyright row
    7. Rabbids Rumble announced for 3DS
    8. Rabbids Rumble outed by ratings board listing
    9. Naughty Bear gets PSN/XBLA follow-up Panic in Paradise
    10. Injustice: Gods Among Us next from Mortal Kombat dev
    11. Batman: Arkham City - Harley Quinn's Revenge Review
    12. Panasonic Eluga dL1 Review
    13. Sony announces Sports Champions 2 with debut trailer
    14. Why The Elder Scrolls Online doesn't and can't look like Skyrim
    15. Sega thanks Anarchy Reigns fans for their interest as concern grows over western release
    16. App of the Day: Oh! Cube
    17. Harvest Moon dev announces Project Happiness
    18. Sony decided against download only PS4 because of slow internet speeds - report
    19. Japanese police make first R4 cartridge seller arrest
    20. Dark Souls PC for Steam, extra content for console
    21. Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse has co-op and competitive multiplayer levels
    22. Doom 3 BFG Edition announced for PC, PS3, Xbox 360
    23. Vita game New Little King's Story downloadable this summer
    24. Sony announces six week PS Vita price cut for France only
    25. Daytona DLC to invade Ridge Racer Vita
    26. Xbox Music Center could be Xbox's version of Spotify - report
    27. PSP and PS2 SOCOM servers shutting down in August
    28. Why Elder Scrolls Online has public dungeons
    29. Dead Space 3 screenshots leak
    30. Leisure Suit Larry creator sues Sam Suede Kickstarter
    1. Epic claims victory in Silicon Knights court case
    2. New Spy Hunter coming to 3DS, Vita this Autumn
    3. Diablo 3 struck by Error 37 woe again
    4. Guacamelee! announced for PS3, Vita
    5. Ratchet & Clank: QForce announced for PlayStation 3
    6. The Witcher 2 sales top 1.7 million
    7. Japan chart: Dragon's Dogma gets off to a flying start
    8. Saints Row 4, Dawn of War 3, Devil's Third and Insane on next gen - Danny Bilson in one of his last interviews as THQ core games boss
    9. CD Projekt announces Cyberpunk
    10. WOW Leeroy Jenkins moment re-imagined as short film
    11. Sony unveils trio of upcoming free PlayStation Vita apps
    12. Activision vs. West/Zampella trial delayed
    13. Joy Ride Turbo Review
    14. Warner reveals FEAR dev's Guardians of Middle-Earth game
    15. Lovefilm Instant now HD on Xbox 360, but not on PS3 or iPad
    16. Pinball FX dev reveals tower defense game CastleStorm
    17. Sony reveals Battlefield 3 Premium release date, price
    18. Next gen Pro Evolution Soccer to use Kojima's Fox Engine
    19. Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 Preview: Pass Master
    20. Vita Pro Evolution Soccer in development
    21. Resistance: Burning Skies, Gravity Rush demo on EU PlayStation Store
    22. App of the Day: Jetset: A Game For Airports
    23. Worldwide Xbox 360 sales hit 67m, 3m ahead of PS3
    24. Square Enix announces its answer to Brain Training: Mensa Academy
    25. WWE '13 to focus on Attitude Era, THQ reveals
    26. Dead Amalur MMO Copernicus glimpsed in new screens
    27. Play as a 2-year-old in first person horror Among the Sleep
    28. Activision vs. No Doubt Band Hero argument will go to trial
    29. THQ hopes to rekindle memories of Half-Life 2 with Metro: Last Light
    30. Apple TV and gaming together "could be interesting" - Apple
    31. Dead Space 3 screenshot, logo surfaces
    32. Why Crysis 2, Dragon Age 2 were pulled from Steam - report
    33. Wizorb coming to PlayStation minis
    34. Haruka won't fight in Yakuza 5
    35. Castlevania: Mirror of Fate first images revealed
    36. Shin Megami Tensei 4 coming to 3DS
    37. Author drops Assassin's Creed copyright lawsuit
    38. Resistance: Burning Skies Review
    39. Mini Ninjas Adventures spotted for XBLA
    1. Snapshot announced for Vita, PS3, PC
    2. Naughty Dog founder Jason Rubin appointed THQ president
    3. Xbox 360 racing bundle announced
    4. Witcher 2 dev to reveal first details on "second triple-A RPG" tomorrow
    5. Mysterious Dead Space short introduces new character, setting
    6. Schilling: Rhode Island governor scuppered Amalur 2 deal
    7. The Old Republic lead speaks out on recent BioWare lay-offs
    8. Sony prepping PlayStation Plus revamp with top tier free games, expansion to Vita
    9. Metro: Last Light no longer certain for Wii U
    10. Divinity: Original Sin announced for PC and Mac
    11. Podcast #114: E3 Crystal Ball Special!
    12. Kinect's Journey
    13. Metro: Last Light Preview: Five Frantic Minutes With THQ's Shooter Sequel
    14. Trials Evolution title update, multiplayer leaderboards reset
    15. Streets of Rage, Golden Axe collections hit Xbox Live Arcade tomorrow
    16. Lionhead's seated Kinect tech to be made available to all developers
    17. App of the Day: Rocket Fox
    18. App of the Day: Saturday Morning RPG
    19. The Witcher 1 to launch on PS3 and Xbox 360, shops suggest
    20. PS3 digital download prices slashed in US Ultimate Edition sale
    21. Quantic Dream's new game revealed at E3 - report
    22. Sony reveals Ice White PSP-E1000
    23. Mass Effect 3 update 1.03 patch notes
    24. Guild Wars 2 beta weekend event date, details
    25. 15 new songs revealed for Rock Band Blitz
    26. Tokyo Jungle has elephants on roller skates
    27. Square Enix boss calls Activision "crazy" for dropping True Crime: Hong Kong
    28. Kingdoms of Amalur 2 was in the works
    29. Really Big Sky sequel announced for PS3 and Vita
    30. Blizzard address Diablo 3 community concerns
    31. Silent Hill HD Collection ported from unfinished code
    32. Job ad suggests Skype will come to Xbox
    33. The Journey Down: Chapter One Review
    1. BBC News mistakes Halo UNSC logo for UN
    2. Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock Review
    3. Darksiders 2: Death Becomes You
    4. Microsoft teases Avatar Motocross Madness with new screens
    5. GAME launches trade-in price checker tool
    6. Satellites to use Kinect in orbital docking system
    7. Capcom registers trademark for Remember Me
    8. Just Cause dev working with Square Enix on "ground breaking" open world action game
    9. Ghost Recon: Final Mission, Assassin's Creed 3 Vita spotted
    10. App of the Day: Score! Classic Goals
    11. IT Crowd's Douglas Reynholm doing a voice for Worms Revolution
    12. UK Top 40: Ghost Recon beats Dragon's Dogma
    13. Halo 4 internal multiplayer beta gameplay video leaks
    14. Retrospective: Dragon Age 2
    15. Original Rayman given 3DS eShop release date
    16. Carmageddon: Reincarnation Kickstarter funded
    17. Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R revealed with gameplay video
    18. No new Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning patches "barring some sort of miracle"
    19. Kojima in supporting role for Enders Project
    20. Game of the Week: Ghost Recon Future Soldier
    21. Sly Cooper: Thieves In Time Preview
    22. Battlefield Premium to cost £35, 5th DLC is Aftermath - report
    23. Sonic Team gives 2D platformer Hell Yeah! its blessing
    1. Radeon HD 7970M Review
    1. App of the Day: Penny Time
    2. GeForce GRID: Can Cloud Gaming Match Console Performance?
    3. Glorious Technicolor
    1. Wii U Aliens: Colonial Marines is best-looking version because of console's "more modern tech"
    2. How The Elder Scrolls Online hopes to avoid repeating Skyrim bug fiasco
    3. New Star Wars franchise to be unveiled next week
    4. Demon's Souls servers to stay online in the US
    5. Rockstar to push Max Payne 3 "to its limits" on high-end PCs
    6. Amalur MMO "would blow you away", claims game's author
    7. Kojima teases new Zone of the Enders project
    8. Resident Evil: Chronicles HD Collection release date, price
    9. Harry Potter For Kinect announced
    10. Inversion delayed to July
    11. Jet Set Radio announced for PlayStation Vita
    12. XCOM: Enemy Unknown Preview: First Contact
    13. The Secret World delayed by two weeks
    14. App of the Day: Go Robo!
    15. Anarchy Reigns delayed in the West, Platinum says
    16. Persona 4 Arena confirmed for Europe
    17. Original Carmageddon game and Splat Pack heading to GOG "soon"
    18. Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning needed to sell 3 million to break even
    19. Minecraft total sales hit 9.2 million
    20. FIFA has a new world champion
    21. Sony patents method to interrupt your gaming with an ad
    22. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD soundtrack listing revealed
    23. Indie Game: The Movie download date announced
    24. How the Darksiders 2 delay benefits you
    25. Gravity Rush Review
    1. New FIFA Euro 2012 update fixes game crashing
    2. Skyrim gets mounted combat in new update
    3. Amalur developer 38 Studios lays off all staff - report
    4. Minecraft overtakes Black Ops on XBL activity chart
    5. Mass Effect 3 Rebellion DLC release date announced
    6. First Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 image spotted
    7. Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor demo arrives on XBL
    8. Command & Conquer: Tiberium Alliances exits beta, goes live
    9. Diablo 3 real money auction house delayed again, client side patch out next week
    10. Activision vs. Vince Zampella and Jason West: Inside the game industry trial of the decade
    11. New Minecraft XBLA content incoming
    12. David Cameron spends "a crazy, scary amount of time playing Fruit Ninja"
    13. Why Magic The Gathering has become an annual gaming franchise
    14. Sign up for new Eurogamer content digest emails
    15. Diablo 3: number of players who have reported an account hack "extremely small", insists Blizzard
    16. Gearbox: Aliens: Colonial Marines a "massive" project, hundreds working on it
    17. Fake Angry Birds developer fined £50,000
    18. Screenshots of Amalur dev's Copernicus MMO leak
    19. Double Fine reveals Ron Gilbert project The Cave
    20. The Cave Preview: Double Fine's New Game for Sega
    21. Metal Gear Solid HD Collection Vita release date
    22. App of the Day: Hiragana Pixel Party
    23. Mass Effect Infiltrator launches on Android
    24. Ubisoft Rocksmith Tour bus doing global festival crawl
    25. Podcast #113: Diablo 3
    26. Dirt Showdown Review
    27. Kingdoms of Amalur studio execs jump ship
    28. Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend Event 2 held back
    1. Sony developing Shadow of the Colossus movie
    2. Capcom plans to speed up development times on top franchises
    3. Inside Xbox team set up on their own
    4. Japan chart: My Little Sister Can't Possibly Be This Cute takes top spot
    5. Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Collector's Set announced
    6. KickBeat announced for Vita
    7. PSN downtime scheduled for Thursday evening
    8. First official Total War modding tool TEd released
    9. Going Hardcore in Diablo 3
    10. Wii U Darksiders 2 graphics "at least as good" as PS3, Xbox 360 versions'
    11. Skyrim-inspired short film The Thief needs your coin
    12. Diablo 3 fastest-selling PC game ever, biggest PC game launch in history
    13. From YouTube: Street Fighter 2 playing with Portals
    14. From Dust playable in Google Chrome browser
    15. Spec Ops: The Line PC demo release date announced
    16. Heroes of Ruin Preview: Fantasy Stars Online
    17. Sorcery, Dr Who and Ghost Recon on PlayStation Store
    18. App of the Day: This Could Hurt
    19. Stainless' "ultimate goal" is to make a triple-A Carmageddon game
    20. Carmageddon timer counts to new game?
    21. Square Enix not behind Carmageddon
    22. Carmageddon: Reincarnation revealed
    23. New Carmageddon looks to Kickstarter for funding
    24. Star Wars: The Old Republic lay-offs confirmed
    25. Far Cry 3: Insane Edition revealed with new trailer
    26. Meet and beat Eurogamer in East London next week
    27. Judge recommends US Xbox 360 ban
    28. Diablo 3: Blizzard nerfs monk in first hotfix
    29. Yakuza 5 built using new game engine, has five main characters
    30. Growing Paynes: How Remedy's Hero Went Rockstar in Max Payne 3
    1. Face-Off: Max Payne 3
    2. 2K's XCOM delayed a year
    3. Super Monkey Ball: Banana Splitz release date announced
    4. Sony announces F2P shooter Bullet Run
    5. Babel Rising release date announced
    6. Silicon Knights vs Epic lawsuit only worth $1
    7. Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Review
    8. Dead Island Game of the Year Edition release date announced
    9. Company of Heroes 2 will avoid "sensitive issues" of Eastern Front - Relic
    10. Uncharted 2 DLC free from today for everybody
    11. Company of Heroes 2 Preview: Russian Attack
    12. Nolan North wins part in Star Trek 2 off the back of Uncharted
    13. PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale confirmed for Vita
    14. Bungie's MMO style sci-fi FPS Destiny out 2013 as an Xbox 360, next Xbox timed exclusive
    15. Blizzard addresses Diablo 3 account hacks, outlines security measures
    16. Nintendo 3DS, PS Vita UK sales slower than predecessors'
    17. Former Fable: The Journey developer unveils motion control fighting game Kung Fu Superstar
    18. App of the Day: The Sandbox
    19. Nintendo to broadcast E3 press conference on Facebook
    20. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 release date announced
    21. Capcom to fix Street Fighter x Tekken game breaking bug mid-June
    22. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 to launch on Wii U, PS3, Vita and Xbox 360
    1. DmC Devil May Cry release date announced
    2. Dragon Age Legends taken offline
    3. Ghost Recon Commander invades Facebook
    4. Castlevania: Mirror of Faith coming to 3DS - report
    5. Activision picks the UK to home new studio
    6. Sony turns off The Eye of Judgement: Legends online play
    7. Diablo 3 accounts hacked, gold and items stolen
    8. Some Frostbite games will require a 64-bit OS in 2013 - DICE
    9. Diablo 3 Review
    10. Techland on Dead Island's divisiveness: "do you like sushi?"
    11. Aliens: Colonial Marines delayed to 2013, new trailer released
    12. Game of Thrones Ascent Facebook game revealed
    13. Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 Collector's and Limited editions announced
    14. Dungeonbowl release date announced
    15. Sorcery Review
    16. App of the Day: Match Panic
    17. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 DLC characters revealed
    18. UK top 40: Max Payne 3 beats Diablo 3
    19. Payday The Heist blending with Left 4 Dead
    20. 007 Legends: New gameplay trailer reveals release date
    21. Wii U controller image shows new thumb sticks
    22. App of the Day: Ski Safari
    23. App of the Day: Pandemic 2.5
    1. Digital Foundry vs. Starhawk
    2. Retrospective: P.N.03
    1. Game of the Week: Diablo 3
    2. Would an Apple TV kill the console business?
    1. The secret of Nolan North's success
    2. EA to waive Origin distribution fees for all Kickstarter games
    3. Kingdoms of Amalur studio saved, for now
    4. Kevin Butler for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale roster?
    5. Has Brothers in Arms: Furious 4 been cancelled?
    6. Journey creator: "Games are not good enough for adults"
    7. New Tekken movie in the works
    8. Dead Island dev's Mad Riders given release date
    9. S.T.A.L.K.E.R.-inspired Crysis mod becomes full game
    10. The Elder Scrolls Online's main story is 100 per cent solo
    11. Torchlight 2 Preview: The Devil's Work
    12. Because We May indie sale next week across all platforms
    13. RuneScape's combat system being "completely redesigned"
    14. Conquest 2: Vyrium Wars Kickstarter needs funding
    15. Kan Gao: To The Moon and Back
    16. App of the Day: Social Chess
    17. Diablo 3 Whimsyshire Secret Level found
    18. Is Techland not making Dead Island 2?
    19. Battlefield 3 Premium unlocks early DLC access - report
    20. Always Online: What Diablo 3's Does Wrong
    21. Always Online: What Diablo 3's Does Right
    22. New Medal of Honor and Black Ops 2 TV adverts for Champions League final
    1. Kingdoms of Amalur developer unable to pay staff
    2. Far Cry 3 multiplayer beta announced
    3. Zampella, West now want over $1 billion in damages from Activision
    4. Activision attempted to hack Zampella/West email - report
    5. The Walking Dead races to 1 million sales
    6. Omerta: City of Gangsters announced for PC, Xbox 360
    7. Carrier Command: Gaea Mission release date announced
    8. Epic unveils Unreal Engine 4 with stunning in-game screens
    9. 20-year-old jailed for Call of Duty hack that was really a virus
    10. Street Fighter x Tekken patch causes game breaking bug
    11. Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1
    12. Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 2 Review
    13. Borderlands 2: Collector's Editions detailed
    14. App of the Day: Ballistic SE
    15. Fallout devs Tim Cain and Chris Avellone will help write Nuka Break web show if Kickstarter raises $120k
    16. Toyota creates Nintendo DS car navigation system
    17. Capcom outlines vision for next-gen Steel Battalion
    18. Delta Force dev sues Activision over trademark infringement
    19. Rare hiring for "multiple AAA future console releases"
    20. First batch of Dust 514 closed beta keys to be sent to Eve Online players tomorrow
    21. Tales of Graces f release date announced
    22. Valve launches Steam remote downloads
    23. Diablo 3: Blizzard apologises for server woe, delays real money auction house
    24. Smart As announced for Vita
    1. Activision vs EA trial settled out of court
    2. Mario Tennis Open Review
    3. Valve does have managers, says ex-Portal lead
    4. Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD to get THPS3 levels as DLC
    5. Minecraft threatens Call of Duty domination on Xbox Live chart
    6. Serious Sam 3 gets Xbox Live Arcade release
    7. Zenimax threatens Dragon Shout app creator with legal action
    8. BioWare asks fans to help brainstorm Dragon Age's future
    9. Japan chart: Mario Party 9 rules, Starhawk debuts at four
    10. Criterion staffing up for Vita title
    11. More Halo 4 multiplayer details revealed
    12. Lionhead making MMO-like new IP RPG for next Xbox - report
    13. Sonic, Deus Ex, Velocity launch on EU PlayStation Store
    14. For Diablo 3 gamer Francis, Error 37 is the last straw
    15. Sorcery first PSN game available to pre-buy
    16. Ubisoft discusses next-generation game budgets
    17. Grand Theft Auto 5 vehicle list found on Max Payne 3 disc
    18. Nvidia claims GeForce Grid processor will make game streaming "as common as renting a movie online"
    19. Tribes: Ascend sees 1.2m downloads in a month
    20. Velocity Review
    21. App of the Day: New Star Soccer
    22. Ubisoft on Wii U: "the machine can have a great success"
    23. Diablo 3: Blizzard investigating vanishing achievements
    24. Cave drops PlayStation Vita titles
    25. What happens when you're disconnected from Diablo 3 servers
    26. Lost Planet 3 spin-off EX Troopers announced for PS3, Nintendo 3DS
    27. Trials Evolution sales reach 500,000 in three weeks
    28. NUads won't use data captured by Kinect for advertising purposes, Microsoft insists
    29. Mass Effect 3 Rebellion DLC details leak
    30. Volition developer lists Saints Row 4 for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360
    31. The Last of Us trailer reveals Ellie redesign
    32. Square Enix: new Final Fantasy games "take precedence" over Final Fantasy 7 remake
    33. THQ delays South Park: The Game, ditches Devil's Third
    34. Of Raspberries and Spectrums
    1. Podcast #112: I Am Error 37
    2. Capcom: sales of Street Fighter x Tekken "have fallen short of our plan"
    3. Halo 4 box art pieced together by fans
    4. Def Jam Rapstar studio 4mm Games "on hold"
    5. Error 3006: players discover game breaking bug in Diablo 3
    6. Someone has finished Diablo 3 already
    7. Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition breaks 1 million sales
    8. App of the Day: LostWinds 2: Winter of the Melodias
    9. Cliffy B: Japan game devs must not ignore multiplayer
    10. Diablo 3: hardcore difficulty, replayability and post-launch plans
    11. Nintendo deploys glitch-fixing Mario Kart 7 patch
    12. Final Final Fantasy 13-2 DLC released today
    13. Activision pays out $42m to former Modern Warfare devs
    14. FIFA 13 introduces Complete Dribbling, First Touch Control
    15. What all the Diablo 3 Error messages mean, and what to do about them
    16. Kingdoms of Amalur dev struggling to stay in business
    17. Diablo 3 had over 2 million pre-orders, 8000 midnight launches
    18. BBC Sports app announced for PlayStation 3
    19. FIFA 13 Preview: A Final Flourish?
    20. Diablo 3 servers "at full capacity" following midnight launch
    21. Blizzard will refund GAME Australia Diablo 3 pre-orders
    22. Max Payne 3 Review
    23. Capcom "re-evaluating" on-disc DLC policy
    1. Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 doesn't need a new engine to advance graphics, Treyarch insists
    2. Diablo 3: Blizzard rejects "dumbing down" accusations
    3. Hitman Sniper Challenge: Premeditated Murder
    4. COD Elite rival Battlefield Premium to be unveiled at E3 - report
    5. Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock release date
    6. Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown release date, price announced
    7. War of the Roses Preview: A Stab At Something Different
    8. From panties to shorties: why the young anime girls of Tera were censored
    9. Sniper Elite V2 Review
    10. Atari: Eden Games "has not closed"
    11. Dark Souls dev's Kinect exclusive Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor is rock hard, Capcom warns
    12. IO: Hitman Absolution gameplay videos don't tell the whole story
    13. App of the Day: Spellsword
    14. The Diablo 3 Starter Edition is a free trial/demo
    15. Uncharted 3 1.11 patch notes revealed
    16. UK Top 40: Sniper Elite V2 secures second week top
    17. Kirby's Dream Land 2 3DS eShop release date
    18. GAME Australia falls into administration
    19. Deus Ex and Final Fantasy 13-2 make Square Enix profitable
    20. Eurogamer's Fez Notebooks
    21. Tomb Raider reboot delayed until 2013
    1. Digital Foundry vs. Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition
    2. App of the Day: Skylanders: Cloud Patrol
    3. Retrospective: Diablo
    1. App of the Day: 774 Deaths
    2. Game of the Week: Minecraft 360
    3. Saturday Soapbox: Service Games
    1. Swift denies pressure to top Portal with Quantum Conundrum
    2. Battlefield 3 double XP weekend starts tomorrow
    3. Blizzard and Valve settle DOTA trademark disagreement
    4. FortressCraft dev calls police after suffering DDoS attack on Minecraft XBLA launch day
    5. Court orders Pirate Bay supporter to stop publicising ban work-around
    6. New Dreamcast shoot 'em up gets Kickstarter campaign
    7. Sons of Anarchy video game in the works
    8. The Walking Dead tops Xbox Live Arcade chart
    9. Row over Beyoncé video game goes to court
    10. Atari: Eden Games "in the process of being disposed of"
    11. Republique squeaks past its Kickstarter goal
    12. Prototype 2 pips Kinect Star Wars to top April US chart
    13. Promotion: Win Fighter Jet Trip With The Proxy
    14. Beyond Good & Evil 2 in-engine footage leaks
    15. Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Preview: The Best Final Fantasy on Nintendo in Years
    16. Capcom: Steel Battalion the most accurate Kinect game yet
    17. Sony shares topple to 31-year low after record losses
    18. Guild Wars 2 has sold "hundreds of thousands" of copies already
    19. App of the Day: Ski Solitaire
    20. New US retailer promises to share used game revenue with publishers
    21. Konami enjoys social gaming success, eyes Zynga partnership
    22. Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Arctic Strike DLC revealed
    23. Rovio details first post-Angry Birds release
    24. Resident Evil 6 to ship 7 million, Capcom hopes
    25. Valve reveals The International Dota 2 Championships 2012 details
    26. Fans make thousands of new Portal 2 maps in days
    27. Nintendo to cease 3DS Aqua Blue production
    28. Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 Preview: Dumb, Loud and Proud
    1. UK government gets tough on video game age ratings
    2. US student makes working Portal turret replica
    3. Kinect-controlled web browser coming to Xbox 360 - report
    4. Minecraft breaks day-one XBLA sales record
    5. EA: Gamers still afraid to buy online following PSN hack
    6. Rockstar giving away Midnight Club 2 on Steam
    7. VVVVVV Review
    8. The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing announced for PC, XBLA
    9. HMV: "absolutely criminal" not to take advantage of GAME closures
    10. DSi gets a price cut in the US
    11. New Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer mode announced
    12. UK northerners play Xbox 360, and southerners play PS3
    13. Avengers: Battle for Earth announced
    14. Join the Guild Wars 2 stress test on Monday
    15. Dishonored release date announced
    16. IO confirms Hitman: Sniper Challenge with trailer, screenshots
    17. Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition Review
    18. Hitman: Absolution release date announced
    19. Starhawk Review
    20. Sony earnings call reveals worldwide PS Vita sales
    21. App of the Day: Jelly Defense
    22. Annual PS3 sales down, Vita sales withheld
    23. Lego Lord of the Rings video game outed
    24. Mass Effect 3 PS3 players given multiplayer bonuses
    25. Kid Icarus: Uprising sequel unlikely, says director
    26. Call of Duty sales "aren't down, they're just different"
    27. CCP to launch Eve Online players into space today
    28. Datura Review
    29. Face-Off: Prototype 2
    1. BioShock Infinite multiplayer in the works - report
    2. Call of Duty Elite has 10 million users, 2 million pay
    3. Author behind Assassin's Creed copyright lawsuit defends his position
    4. Kinect could help doctors diagnose autism in kids
    5. Max Payne 3 crew sign-up gets underway
    6. Space Quest creators launch Kickstarter for new adventure game
    7. LostWinds: Winter of the Melodias on iOS tomorrow
    8. SimCity coming to Facebook - report
    9. Blood returns to European Tera with patch next week
    10. Japan chart: 3DS hardware and software sales soar
    11. Dragon's Dogma event mode, leaderboards detailed
    12. Microsoft cancels Inside Xbox in Europe
    13. A Week of Tera
    14. PEGI says Deus Ex coming to PS3 soon
    15. Wolfenstein 3D celebrates 20th birthday
    16. How to register for the LittleBigPlanet Vita beta
    17. This is what Stan Lee in the Spider-Man game looks like
    18. Resistance and Ratchet & Clank dev Insomniac reveals Outernauts
    19. Minecraft-themed alcohol shots created by Cornwall bar
    20. Bizarre PlayStation Move title Datura on PSN Store today
    21. PC strategy game Endless Space given release date
    22. BioShock Infinite delayed to 2013
    23. App of the Day: Tweet Land
    24. Resident Evil Degeneration-Damnation-Downfall 3D spotted for 3DS
    25. Microsoft patents Xbox controller that can read your hand pressure
    26. MLB. TV Premium app now available on Xbox Live
    27. Anonymous attacks Virgin Media for blocking The Pirate Bay
    28. Ex-BioShock devs reveal Gone Home
    29. Warhawk PSone free with Starhawk Online Network pass
    30. Combat Wings still alive, pops up on Xbox Marketplace
    31. Arcade Time Crisis 2 gun, pedal refitted for PS2 video
    32. Dead Space 3 has drop-in, drop-out co-op
    33. Mega Man dev Inafune creating PlayStation Vita horror Soul Sacrifice
    34. Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter DLC announced
    35. Microsoft vs Motorola legal row gets nasty
    36. Portal 2 sales top four million
    37. A Valley Without Wind Review
    1. New DC Universe DLC pack announced
    2. Alan Wake's American Nightmare PC release confirmed
    3. UK broadband is among the slowest in Europe - report
    4. Crystal White Vita announced for Japan
    5. Half-Byte Loader: the PSP homebrew tool that's hacking Vita?
    6. Podcast #111: Speed-Dating Your Questions
    7. Dark Souls sells over a million in the West
    8. Hybrid Preview: Turning the Shooter Upside Down
    9. Blockbuster launches VIP Gamer rewards scheme
    10. Podcast #110: Dishonored! Medal of Honor! Crysis 3! SimCity! Project Zomboid!
    11. Xbox 360 dashboard will track your Kinect exercise
    12. Nomura suggests Kingdom Hearts 3 will launch on home console
    13. Beyond Good & Evil 2 in "active creation"
    14. Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse announced
    15. The Mythology of Diablo
    16. Prototype 2 Colossal Mayhem DLC pack out today
    17. Spec Ops: The Line demo out today
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