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Cave shmup Akai Katana given imminent Euro release date

From Japan to the UK it sword.

The Xbox 360 conversion of arcade shoot-'em-up Akai Katana will be released here next Friday, 11th May, Rising Star Games has announced.

This is a budget boxed release with an RRP of £29.99. And most online shops are slicing a fiver off that.

Akai Katana is made by Cave, a shoot-'em-up developer with more pedigree than a 24-carat golden retriever.

The game's old-school styled: side-scrolling, bullets everywhere, bonkers. This is an HD remaster, but the original version's stuffed in, as is the option of an authentic 4:3 viewing mode.

Best let a video do the talking.

Spaceship people? What, like in Moonwalker?

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