Akai Katana

Cave shmup Akai Katana given imminent Euro release date

The Xbox 360 conversion of arcade shoot-'em-up Akai Katana will be released here next Friday, 11th May, Rising Star Games has announced.

This is a budget boxed release with an RRP of 29.99. And most online shops are slicing a fiver off that.

Akai Katana is made by Cave, a shoot-'em-up developer with more pedigree than a 24-carat golden retriever.

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Rising Star Games announces 2012 release schedule

Rising Star Games announces 2012 release schedule

Harvest Moon, Bit.Trip., Rune Factory receive vague release windows.

Japanese import publisher Rising Star Games has announced a bustling 2012 release schedule for Europe, with an increased emphasis on 3DS games.

Rising Star confirmed it would handle publishing duties for five 3DS titles this year, including retro rhythm title Bit.Trip Saga and the latest Harvest Moon farming sim games.

Rune Factory Oceans, the latest chapter of Harvest Moon's spin-off RPG series, will also arrive. But the PlayStation 3 and Wii game will only launch in Europe on PS3.

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Hard times force Cave to refocus on social games

New direction for shmup specialists.

Cave, the Japanese studio behind acclaimed bullet hell shoot 'em ups such as DoDonPachi, Espgaluda and DeathSmiles, is refocusing development resources on social games following a disappointing six months of trading.