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First batch of Dust 514 closed beta keys to be sent to Eve Online players tomorrow

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Image credit: Eurogamer

CCP Games will send out the first batch of Dust 514 closed beta keys tomorrow, Friday, 17th May.

They will only be sent to Eve Online players who registered for the closed beta. CCP promised a special event this weekend for players of the F2P PlayStation Network FPS.

Last month CCP told Eurogamer those who attended the Eve Online FanFest event in Reykjavik, Iceland in March would be the first invited to participate in the Dust 514 beta.

There had been confusion over the status of the closed beta, which is currently running, with some Eve Online fans complaining about apparent preferential treatment to PlayStation Network users.

But CCP told Eurogamer those playing the downloadable first-person shooter right now are Sony's elite team of testers - not members of the general public.

An open beta is planned for the middle of the year, with the E3 trade show in June expected to reveal more.

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