DUST 514 (cancelled)

Key events

There's no deal preventing Dust 514 being on PC, Xbox

There's only CCP sticking to its guns.

Will PS3 exclusive Dust 514 head to Xbox?

CCP remains quiet, bigs up PSN.

Dust 514 confirmed as PS3 exclusive

Joins EVE Online on one giant server.

Dust 514 shots suggest PS3 exclusive?

PS3 branded images from the EVE universe.

FeatureEVE Online: Reality Check

What does CCP mean when it says 'EVE is real'?

CCP shows vision for EVE and DUST 514

"You have constantly challenged us."

DUST 514 "absolutely" exists - EVE dev

Has "large and powerful development team".

EVE dev opens CCP Newcastle doors

Studio to research next generation tech.

EVE Online developer opens UK studio

For "current and future" console games.

DUST 514 to use micro-transations

No subscription for EVE's sister FPS.

FeatureDUST 514

Earth to earth.

DUST 514

EVE's FPS spin-off gets public unveiling.

EVE social network site detailed

Renamed New Eden, out early 2010.

EVE: Walking In Stations before Dust 514

CCP "expects" so, anyway.

More details on EVE FPS Dust 514

How CCP's online worlds fit together.

EVE-maker reveals console MMO/FPS

Dust 514 interacts with PC game.

Dust 514

EVE Online dev's console MMO.