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Dust 514 beta release date revealed

Vita companion app, PlayStation Home integration.

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The first beta event for online PlayStation 3 shooter Dust 514 will launch on Friday June 29th, developer CCP has announced.

You'll need to sign up at to be in with a chance of participating. Entrants will be chosen at random to test the game throughout the weekend.

More beta events will follow throughout the summer.

A new Dust 514 app for PlayStation Vita has also been detailed. Dust 514: Neocom will allow players to interact with the game and your in-game friends while not playing on PS3.

Neocom allows you to customise characters and load-outs, communicate with other players via the in-game mail system and purchase items from the Dust 514 marketplace. It will launch later this year alongside the main game.

Dust 514 will be integrated into PlayStation Home, too. Players who log on can nab an "all access" beta key, ensuring them access to all of the game's beta events.

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