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Activision pays out $42m to former Modern Warfare devs

Ex-Infinity Ward staff awarded £26 million pre-trial payout.

Activision has awarded a former Modern Warfare staff a collective pay-out of $42 million (£26m), as part of the publisher's ongoing legal wranglings with Infinity Ward.

The lump sum will be distributed amongst 40 individuals seeking payment for their work on Modern Warfare 2.

"Although it is a meaningful payment it is only a small portion of what we are seeking in litigation," Bruce Isaacs, attorney for the ex-Infinity Ward staffers, told Polygon.

"It is outrageous that they made us wait, they obviously knew they owed the money and this just shows that they breached the contract."

The group is hoping for an eventual pay-out of between "$75 million to $125 million dollars", Isaacs said.

Activision's pay-out comes during the pre-trial phase of the publisher's ongoing lawsuit with Infinity Ward heads Jason West and Vince Zampella.

The pair have accused Activision of wrongful dismissal and breach of contract, while Activision alleges the pair were fired due to holding secret talks with rival EA.

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