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Omerta: City of Gangsters announced for PC, Xbox 360

Tropico developer sets mobster strategy RPG in '20s Atlantic City.

Omerta: City of Gangsters, a strategy-inflected RPG from the studio behind the Tropico series, is heading to PC and Xbox 360 this Autumn, publisher Kalypso Media has announced.

Set in 1920s Atlantic City, a la Boardwalk Empire, you'll be building a criminal empire by managing resources and masterminding city-planning. When the time comes for a spot of violence, you'll get some turn-based tactical RPG combat thrown in too.

You'll start out as a penniless immigrant fresh off the boats and work your way up cigar-chomping crime kingpin.

Your mobster will dole out missions in real time, ranging from prison breaks and assassinations, to warehouse raids and bank robberies. Combat sequences will apparently feature cover and stealth mechanics.

See below for a quick teaser trailer.

Developer Haemimont Games' last effort, Tropico 4 scored a solid 7/10 back in August 2011.

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