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GAME launches trade-in price checker tool

Offering 25 per cent extra credit until end of May.

Revitalised retailer GAME has launched a new online price checker tool for you to total up your trade-in games.

The chain is also currently offering 25 per cent extra credit on trade-ins until the end of May.

GAME's price checker forces you to enter in the barcode of the product you want to trade in, then fill in a CAPTCHA form.

This makes it harder to browse GAME's general trade-in prices and compare the company's offers to rival CEX, for example.

But GAME did have bizarre Japanese thing Atelier Meruru in its database (the nearest new release we had to hand when checking if the thing worked). It offers up £25 trade-in value, or £18.80 cash. CEX didn't even have it at all. Boo.