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Warner Bros. announces Cartoon Universe

First game out of its new Montreal studio is revealed.

Free-to-play family-friendly effort Cartoon Universe is the first game to come out of Warner Bros. Interactive's new Montreal studio.

It's "an online game filled with safe, social worlds designed just for kids," according to Warner exec Samantha Ryan, featuring characters from the Looney Tunes and Scooby Doo franchises.

There'll be puzzles to solve, characters to customise, achievements to collect and franchise-specific islands to explore.

It's due out in the US this Autumn, followed by a UK release some time in 2013. The game will be regularly updated with new content post launch.

Warner's new Montreal outpost, headed up by former Ubisoft bigwig Martin Carrier, was set up back in 2010.

Last December Carrier revealed that it was working on a number of DC Comics tie-ins, though no titles were confirmed.

"We realise how good a job Rocksteady did with Arkham Asylum," he said at the time.

"They changed people's perceptions and that's why we're not satisfied anymore with sub-par superhero games. Now, it's like they should be better than all the other games."

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