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Screenshots of Amalur dev's Copernicus MMO leak

What's your Reckoning?

Screenshots of what appears to be Project Copernicus, the MMO being made by troubled Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning developer 38 Studios, have leaked online.

They depict three stylised, cartoon scenes, showcasing three of the game's races: the human-like Almain, the dwarf-like Dverga and the ogre-like Jottun.

Broadly, Copernicus resembles World of Warcraft.

The screenshots were posted on Kingdoms of Amalur fan site 38 Watch (via NeoGAF) by a newly registered forum member called AlynShir (the name of a character from Kingdoms of Amalur).

The post is titled, "You guys deserve this." The opening sentence states, "38 isn't dead yet." It's a reference to the perilous situation 38 Studios currently faces.

Could mysterious poster AlynShir be attempting to drum up investor enthusiasm by showing Project Copernicus off? Perhaps. Or AlynShir, if a member of 38 Studios at all, may have another agenda.

Or the screenshots could be fake.

Project Copernicus hasn't been formerly unveiled, but we know it's targeting a June 2013 release date, we've seen a video (below) and the Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning FAQ openly references the game.

"Project Copernicus is the codename for 38 Studios' MMO, which is currently being developed by the 38 Studios team in Providence, RI," the FAQ states.

"Copernicus will take place in Amalur at a different point in the world's history," the FAQ adds. "No details have been announced for the game, but more details will be revealed at a later date."

The first Project Copernicus video.

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