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From YouTube: Street Fighter 2 playing with Portals

Fei Long, Guile and Chun-Li in Capcom/Valve mash-up.

Ever wondered what would happen if Capcom and Valve got together to do a fantasy Street Fighter x Portal crossover fighting game?

It probably wouldn't look anything like the video below, from talented mash up artist The Pixel Kingdom (as seen on the Capcom Europe blog).

Give Street Fighter characters a Portal gun for use in the Super Street Fighter 2 engine, though, and it probably would look like the video below. See Fei Long mess with Dhalsim's elongated arms, Guile get the better of the bonus stage car, and Chun Li bamboozle Ryu - with surprisingly gruesome results.

"Just some cool animations and videos from a nerd who loves video games!" says Steve, the brains behind The Pixel Kingdom.

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