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VideoVideo: The best end songs ever

Sing when you're winning (at video games).

FeatureAn interview with comedian Dara O Briain

"I would like to be able to fondle the dragon by wearing a glove."

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30th September 2011

Portal 2 DLC release date

23rd April 2011

Face-Off: Portal 2

21st April 2011

Portal 2 PC patch released

19th April 2011

Portal 2

17th March 2011

Valve launches Steam Guard

18th November 2010

Valve announces Portal 2 delay

25th August 2010

Portal 2 gameplay trailer

Valve has made a new Portal demo

For its latest VR controller, Knuckles EV2.

Valve has returned to the world of Portal for Moondust, a brand new virtual reality demo. Working for Aperture Science's Lunar Resources Initiative, you are sent into spaaaace to construct a modular space station, and then down onto the Moon itself for further testing.

Chet Faliszek has left Valve

Portal and Left 4 Dead writer runs out of Steam.

Chet Faliszek has brought his 12 year career at Valve Software to a close, our sister site GamesIndustry.biz has revealed.

This Portal-themed HoloLens mod is a triumph

Get ready to never stop thinking with portals.

Someone has managed to make an augmented reality mod that brings Portal's titular device - and its iconic companion cube - into the real world via Microsoft's HoloLens AR headset.

VideoHow Valve found Portal

Here's a thing.

Before Portal, there was another game. Designed by a handful of students at DigiPen Institute of Technology, Narbacular Drop wasn't much to look at: it was brown and buggy and the word 'Narbacular' doesn't actually mean anything at all. But it had something incredible going for it. It had portals.

Former Valve employee is suing the company for $3.1m

Alleges developer exploited minors for free labour, discriminated against transgender staff.

A jury ruled in favour of defendant Valve on 2nd November 2017, finding the plaintiff was not discriminated against for transgender or disability reasons, nor dismissed for such.

VideoVideo: The best end songs ever

Sing when you're winning (at video games).

When Lethal Weapon 3 got its cinematic release in 1992, my parents dutifully went along to the cinema to watch it. At the end of the credits, they were delighted to discover, there was one last scene - an easter egg to reward those who watched all those names scroll past on the screen. So began an excruciating family tradition.

It's no secret that when Valve initially conceived of Portal 2 it didn't have portals. Or at least it didn't have a portal gun. Now, Valve superfans have created their own modded campaign that follows in the footsteps of Valve's bold, yet scrapped, creative exercise with Aperture Tag.

Valve developed the upcoming Portal board game

Publisher Cryptozoic says Valve's prototype required "minimal input".

Recently board game manufacturer and publisher Cryptozoic Entertainment announced that it was working on a Portal board game and that Valve was involved, but it's now been revealed that Valve created the board game and pitched it to Cryptozoic, not the other way around as one might think.

GLaDOS voice in new Guillermo del Toro film

Pan's Labyrinth director a fan of Portal.

Hellboy and Pan's Labyrinth director Guillermo del Toro has revealed the first trailer for his new monster movie Pacific Rim, which stars GLaDOS voice actress Ellen McLain as a robot AI.

Valve's first hardware slated for beta next year

Valve's first hardware slated for beta next year

Weta makes a nifty Portal turret, too.

Valve is planning to put its first hardware into beta sometime next year, noted Valve employee Jeri Ellsworth in a report by Endgadget.

The hardware division's goal is "to make Steam games more fun to play in your living room." To start with that includes Big Picture Mode, which makes Steam's UI more conducive to browsing with a gamepad on a TV, but eventually it would like to go beyond that and make mouse and keyboard games more accessible to the console crowd.

How it will do this is anyone's guess. Will it be a new hybrid controller, a console, or perhaps a real-life turret gun made by Lord of the Rings special effects gurus Weta? [Shown below.]

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Valve opens Euro office, updates Steam terms

Valve opens Euro office, updates Steam terms

Disallows class action lawsuits, improves individual claims.

Before you can use Steam, you must agree to Steam's terms. And those terms - the Steam Subscriber Agreement and Valve's Privacy Policy - have been updated.

Valve has also opened a new office in Luxembourg to better serve its European audience with. Nice place, Luxembourg - has a population of half-a-million and a capital city named Luxembourg.

The most significant change to the Steam terms concerns taking Valve to court over a dispute.

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NASA launches Portal 2 character into orbit

An anonymous NASA employee has customised a panel for the International Space Station, adorning it with an image of Space Core from Portal 2.

The part was blasted into orbit last Friday aboard a Japanese resupply craft.

It was photographed bearing an image of Space Core, along with his catchphrase: "In spaaaaaaace!".

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Portal Lego set goes into review

Portal Lego set goes into review

Get ready to think with Legos.

An official Portal Lego set may be on its way after a fan-made prototype received the 10,000 votes required to be considered for production on the Danish blockmaker's crowdsourced platform Cuusoo.

This means that the set will go into review at the start of the next quarter in September. At this point, a "Lego Jury" comprised of designers, product managers, and other key team members will determine if it's a viable concept. This will be based on criteria such as playability, safety and fit with the Lego brand. This process could take several months.

If it meets Lego's standards and goes into production, it will take several more months while marketing materials, instructions and packaging are manufactured.

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Valve counters EA's Steam sales "cheapen intellectual property" accusation

Valve counters EA's Steam sales "cheapen intellectual property" accusation

"If we thought having a 75 per cent sale on Portal 2 would cheapen Portal 2, we wouldn't do it."

Valve has countered EA's accusation that Steam sales "cheapen" intellectual property, saying they in fact benefit games, publishers and gamers.

Last month EA's David DeMartini, who runs rival digital platform Origin, said Steam sales, which often see discounts of up to 75 per cent, "cheapen intellectual property".

Vowing not to copy Steam's popular 75 per cent off sales, DeMartini said: "The game makers work incredibly hard to make this intellectual property, and we're not trying to be Target. We're trying to be Nordstrom."

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Portal 2 DLC announced for PlayStation Move

The PlayStation 3 version of acclaimed Valve puzzler Portal 2 will receive a new slice DLC, designed for use with PlayStation Move.

Portal 2: In Motion offers 20 extra test chambers, previously available with the Razer Hydra motion controller for PC.

PlayStation Move support will be added for the main Portal 2 campaign, too. The motion controls allow players to fire portals, pick up objects and rescale them.

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Valve launches Steam remote downloads

Valve launches Steam remote downloads

Download pre-loads, new releases and latest purchases while out and about.

Valve has launched Steam remote downloads.

The feature, which was in beta, enables Steam users to manage their library of games remotely via the internet. If you leave Steam running on your PC or Mac, you can log into the Steam website or mobile access and download pre-loads, new releases and latest purchases, as soon as they're available. When you're home, your new downloads will be installed and ready to play.

You can do this from the Games list on the Steam Community site, which you can access from a web browser or the Steam mobile app. The Games list will reflect the installation state of your library on that machine. Find your game and hit install to trigger remote download.

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Valve does have managers, says ex-Portal lead

Kim Swift offers her take on Employee Handbook leak.

The image of Valve as a manager-less utopia where staff have free rein to do as they please, as painted by its recently leaked Employee Handbook, is a little wide of the mark, according to former Portal lead designer Kim Swift.

Portal 2 sales top four million

Portal 2 sales top four million

PC level editor available from today.

Genius puzzle sequel Portal 2 has now sold over four million units worldwide across PC, Mac and console, developer Valve has revealed via a new NeoGamr interview.

Its predecessor also managed four million, not counting Steam sales, surely putting the series life-to-date tally near the 10 million mark.

The news coincides with the release of the new Perpetual Testing Initiative DLC for the PC and Mac versions of the game.

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New Portal 2 DLC announced for Mac, PC

New Portal 2 DLC announced for Mac, PC

Perpetual Testing Initiative level editor due next month.

New Portal 2 DLC that lets you create and share your own levels launches on Mac and PC from 8th May, developer Valve has announced.

Titled Perpetual Testing Initiative, it's a free download featuring a "simplified puzzle maker" that lets you publish levels to Steam Workshop where other players can browse, play and vote on them.

Valve hasn't announced a console release for the expansion.

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Portal 2 wins Best Game BAFTA

Skyrim goes home empty-handed, British studios win big.

Portal 2 won Best Game at last night's British Academy Video Game Awards. Valve's comedy puzzle adventure was also the biggest winner of the night, taking home three gongs, the others being for Design and Story.

FeatureAn interview with comedian Dara O Briain

"I would like to be able to fondle the dragon by wearing a glove."

Dara O Briain is the fast talking Irish comedian known to us for his passion for video games, a hobby he sends up frequently during his renowned stand-up routines. O Briain also hosts satirical telly show Mock the Week, and this evening he'll host the GAME British Academy Video Game Awards (BAFTA) - a post he's filled every year since 2009.

The Portal 2 that never was

Wheatley's death, the other spheres, the original ending and co-op story, competitive multiplayer and a Garfield parody. Spoilers!

Warning! Portal 2 spoilers below.

Was 2011 a great year for gaming or wasn't it? Regardless of where you stand on that particular debate, it's been responsible for some of the medium's finest efforts. Going through our Games of 2011 has provided some heartening reading, and the likes of Bastion, Quarrel and Clash of Heroes HD go to show that when it comes to "Actual New Games" we've had our fair share over the last 12 months.

FeatureDevelopers' Games of 2011

Levine! Molyneux! Jaffe! Garriott!

We've had our say. You've had your say. But what about the people who made the games? What were their favourites of the year just ended? Yes, it's that time of year again, when we pester our favourite creators for their reflections and then watch them show us up with their witty and insightful explanations.

You can tell everything about Portal 2 from the lack of cake. There's one gag in the whole game, and it's a fakeout - a door marked 'cake dispensary' that, if approached, falls flat on the ground. Portal was too perfect and its punishment was death by meme, the inane chanting that transforms a joke into a catchphrase. Portal 2 doesn't preach to the converted and retread past glories - the cake doesn't matter. And nor does much else.

FeatureSaturday Soapbox: Was 2011 a Vintage Year?

It may have lacked innovation, but the breadth of experiences made 2011 a year to savour.

A couple of weeks back, Oli told of how he spoke to a friend who believed that 2011 was the finest year for gaming since 2001 - and then promptly disagreed, saying how this year, for all that it's offered in terms of excellence, hasn't really offered anything particularly new. Games are now bigger and better, yes, but that heady thrill that defined gaming's last golden age is now gone.

Valve: piracy a "non-issue" for Steam

Perhaps Gabe Newell along.

Valve co-founder and CEO Gabe Newell believes piracy stems not from price, but from convenience. And as Steam boasts fast access to a dizzying selection of games, so piracy has become "basically a non-issue" for Valve.

EU PlayStation Store update 5th October

EU PlayStation Store update 5th October

Crysis! NBA Jam! Portal 2 DLC!

PC shooter Crysis fires onto the PlayStation Store this week. It's a polished port of the original's single-player campaign, available for £15.99.

Arcade slamdunker NBA Jam: On Fire Edition also courts your wallet this week, while new and free Portal 2 DLC continues the adventures of co-op robots P-Body and and Atlus in a new two-player test track.

There's still no sign of Mortal Kombat: Arcade Kollection - now over a month late - and Castlevania: Harmony of Despair, expected last week.

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Portal 2 DLC release date

Portal 2 DLC release date

Peer Review goes live next week.

The first set of free Portal 2 DLC, titled Peer Review, launches on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on 4th October, developer Valve has announced.

The pack continues the story of Aperture bots P-Body and Atlas as they make their way through a new co-op test track, once again trying to outwit GLaDOS.

On top of that, there's a new single player and co-op Challenge Mode, and leaderboards are now live too.

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FeatureValve's Gabe Newell

CS: GO, Steam, Portal 2 DLC and Half-Life 3.

Gabe Newell sits proudly inside Valve's Gamescom booth knowing his company's latest game, Dota 2, has a fantastic chance of being a huge hit. Outside, hundreds are watching it being played live in a tournament with a huge $1 million grand prize. Online, thousands are poring over every detail. Things are going well.

Crysis 2 racks up three million sales

Crysis 2 racks up three million sales

Dead Space 2, Dragon Age II pass 2m.

FPS sequel Crysis 2 has now sold in three million copies worldwide, publisher EA has announced.

Portal 2, Dead Space 2 and Dragon Age II, meanwhile, have all broken the two million mark, while FIFA 11 nears 15 million units and Battlefield: Bad Company 2 nine million.

The numbers come from EA's fiscal Q1 earnings report, which saw the publisher log non-GAAP net revenue of $524 million, down slightly from $539 million this time last year. Digital revenue was picked out as a highlight though, increasing 11 per cent to $209 million.

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Portal 2 tops three million sales

Portal 2 tops three million sales

Can Valve sequel match original's tally?

Portal 2 has sold in excess of three million copies, developer Valve has announced.

According to Joystiq, studio president Gabe Newell made the announcement at the Games For Change event in New York earlier today.

He didn't mention whether that number takes into account Steam sales as well as PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, but he'd certainly have access to that data.

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Valve to attend gamescom

DOTA 2? Portal 2 DLC? Half-Life 3?

After a no-show at E3 last week, Portal 2 maker Valve has confirmed it will present at August's show gamescom.

FeatureCheap This Week - 15/06/11

Heavy Rain! Killzone! Portal 2!

Get your payment method of choice at the ready, for here's another bountiful selection of cheap games that are worth your attention. This week we've got a few of the best games from the last year or so getting their first big discounts, and this week's hot releases at an affordable price.

Which one was it for you? Most of those who've made it through to the end of Valve's brilliant sequel will have encountered at least one test chamber whose solution remained so unfathomably elusive as to induce genuine despair.

Portal 2 beta Authoring Tools released

Portal 2 beta Authoring Tools released

Make your own maps, skins, models, sounds.

Didn't you find Portal 2 maps challenging enough? Well now you can make your own - Valve has released beta Authoring Tools for Portal 2.

As well as single-player and co-op maps, you can use the tools to create skins, models, sound effects and music.

Valve apparently used similar tools to make the full Portal 2 game.

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Valve not giving up on single player

Gabe Newell promises "single player plus".

Valve boss Gabe Newell has clarified recent reports that Portal 2 would be the developer's final "isolated single-player title", insisting that just isn't the case.

Portal 2 gets fresh PC update

Portal 2 gets fresh PC update

Valve patches up bugs and system crashes.

A new update for the PC version of Portal 2 hit Steam over the weekend.

No major changes have been made but a number of crash-causing bugs have been squashed and a few localisation issues ironed out.

Here are the full patch notes, which should take effect next time you boot up your Steam client:

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Free Portal 2 DLC detailed

New test chambers, challenge mode due.

Acclaimed first-person puzzler Portal 2 gets new DLC "this summer", developer Valve has announced, and you won't have to pay a penny for it.

Portal 2 DLC out this summer

Valve confirms more content cooking.

Completed Portal 2 already? Not to worry. New additions to the title are being assembled for launch this summer.

FeaturePortal 2: "Let's make Caddyshack"

Erik Wolpaw on writing the great video game comedy.

SPOILER WARNING! This interview is about the plot, characters and script of Portal 2, so it necessarily contains spoilers right through to the game's ending. You should wait until you've completed the game to read it (which is why we've held publication back until today).

Portal 2 PC patch released

Portal 2 PC patch released

Valve plugs a few holes.

A new update for the PC and Mac versions of Portal 2 is now live on Steam, offering a number of bug fixes.

The patch, which will be applied automatically when you restart your Steam client, smooths over a few glitches and makes a couple of minor gameplay tweaks.

Here's the full list of changes:

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Portal sells nearly four million

Hours after releasing Portal 2 on Steam, creator Valve has announced predecessor Portal has sold close to four million units.

But Portal has likely sold substantially more copies. As GameSpot reports, the four million figure excludes digital download sales from Steam.

Portal launched in 2007 as part of the superb The Orange Box compilation.

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Portal 2 Metacritic user score pounded

Mutiny at DLC prices, game length, ARG.

Despite bringing in some of the highest review scores of the year so far, the PC version of Portal 2 is taking an absolute battering on its Metacritic user score page.

Out This Week - 22/04/11

Portal 2! Mortal Kombat! Op Flash!

It's a hard time to be a gamer. Marvellous temperatures outside and a small flotilla of incoming bank holidays call you away from your gaming device(s) of choice. What else could herald one of the busiest weeks of game releases so far this year?

Portal 2

Portal 2

The sound of science.

Portal is perfect. Valve's 2007 puzzle adventure – a short story about escape, in which the player must solve a series of spatial riddles with a gun that shoots doors – has a ruthless clarity to it, an economy of form and expression, that few games can match.

Its creators took one fantastic idea and developed it exactly as far as it needed to go and no further. They teased you with a premise that mocks your status as a lab rat running through their devious maze. They gave that mockery a cool, cruel and bitterly dry voice in GLaDOS, the arch AI that keeps you company in the game's pristine prison cells.

And then they lifted the curtain, just an inch, and let you look behind it. They almost surreptitiously slipped a neat parable of a story past you, sealing it with a punchline so resounding it knocks you back in your seat.

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Valve launches Steam Guard

Valve launches Steam Guard

Do a Gabe and tell us your password.

Portal 2 maker Valve has officially launched Steam Guard.

Steam Guard, which had been in beta, blocks any attempt to access a protected account from an unrecognised computer and is designed to add a layer of protection to your games.

It works by sending a verification email to the your registered email address that must be actioned should a computer attempt access.

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Why Chet Faliszek is Valve's Mr Awesome

"I walk around the hall with my iron fist."

On Valve's website sits a profile page, and on that profile page sits an entry for Left 4 Dead writer Chet Faliszek. It reads: "We are all still trying to figure out exactly what it is that Chet does at Valve, but at the very least he occupies office space on the 11th floor as self-proclaimed Mr. Awesome."

Will Steamworks come to Xbox 360?

Portal 2 PS3 features Valve's "first step".

The PlayStation 3 version of upcoming first-person puzzler Portal 2 is the first on Sony's console to support features from Steamworks. But what about the Xbox 360? Will Steamworks ever arrive alongside an Xbox 360 game?

Portal 2 exclusive interview

Portal 2 exclusive interview

Wormhole your way in.

Aperture Science Testing Game

"Hello and welcome to the Aperture Science Computer-Aided Enrichment Center. We hope your brief detention in the relaxation vault was a pleasant one.

"Your specimen has been processed and on April 22nd 2011 testing will commence via the video game "Portal 2". Before then however, we encourage you to enhance your Portal skills with our testing device below.

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FeatureHow Valve Opened Up Portal 2

Chet Faliszek and Erik Wolpaw help us think with portals.

When Gabe Newell asked Chet Faliszek and Erik Wolpaw of Old Man Murray fame to come work at Valve, they of course answered the call - the developer was about to ship Half-Life 2.

Last week Valve's brain-bending first-person puzzler Portal 2 had PlayStation Move support. It was a story that set the internet alight – Valve superstar writer Chet Faliszek had told the German PlayStation Blog Portal 2 would have "complete PlayStation Move support", although the feature "isn't fully integrated yet".

Portal 2


Although the developer will always be known as the house of Half-Life, it's Portal that increasingly looks like the quintessential Valve game. It's both clinical and funny, like a shaggy dog story told by Stanley Kubrick, and its complex folds wrap geography and narrative together so tightly that they become two sides of the same object. Its ingenious puzzles are peculiarly action-packed, and if Gordon Freeman's adventures served to make realistic physics an indispensable part of modern videogames, the GLaDOS saga shows you the fun that can be had with entirely bizarre physics, too.

Multiple endings confirmed for Portal 2

Multiple endings confirmed for Portal 2

Plus, cross-platform user-generated levels.

Portal 2 will offer two different endings, one for single play and one for co-op play, developer Valve has confirmed.

Speaking to Videogamer, the title's writer Chet Falliszek promised, "Both sets of credits [will feature something special], because we've got two credits."

He went on to explain that finishing the game should be well within reach of most players.

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New Coulton song confirmed for Portal 2

New Coulton song confirmed for Portal 2

Still Alive composer pens new tune.

The composer of Still Alive, the infectious ditty that closed out Portal, has written a new tune for the impending sequel.

Songwriter Jonathan Coulton confirmed its existence with the following tease on his Twitter feed: "Closing the doors. If this plane goes down, the Portal 2 song goes with it. It is in my pocket..."

No further news regarding in what capacity the tune will feature, but you won't have to wait too long to find out. Valve's much anticipated sequel to its 2007 puzzler drops out of the ceiling on 22nd April.

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Exclusive Portal 2 levels for Razer Hydra

Exclusive Portal 2 levels for Razer Hydra

Valve backs new PC motion controller.

PC users who pick up the new Razer Hydra motion controller will be able to play exclusive Portal 2 content unavailable in console versions of the game.

According to Joystiq, Razer has teamed up with Valve to offer a Portal 2 bundle including the new controller, the game and additional levels built specifically for the new device.

What, you may ask, is the Razer Hydra? Well, it's a new motion control system developed by Sixense. You play with two wands, both with thumb sticks. Instead of using a camera to track your movements, a la PlayStation Move, the Hydra uses a small base station to create an electromagnetic field with a six foot radius.

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Valve announces Portal 2 delay

Valve announces Portal 2 delay

The date was a lie.

Portal 2 will not make it's previously reported release date of 9th February, developer Valve has announced.

The sequel to its widely adored first person puzzler has been pushed back until 22nd April 2011.

Major bummer, right? Well, Valve is more of a glass-half-full sort.

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Valve gives Portal 2 a release date

Valve gives Portal 2 a release date

Stephen Merchant to vocalise.

Valve has reportedly said Portal 2 will be released on Wednesday, 9th February 2011. The game is in development for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

Confirmation comes from gamescom, where CVG also heard that The Office co-creator Stephen Merchant will lend his vocals to the game. He'll bring the Buddy Sphere to life.

Portal 2 made waves at E3 when Valve boss Gabe Newell confirmed the game for PS3. He thanked Sony for not "repeatedly punching [him] in the face" because of his past comments about the console.

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FeaturePortal 2

Turrets syndrome.

Everyone's smart at Valve. The designers are smart, the art teams are smart, and the lady behind the reception desk can answer the phone in Latin or Aramaic if she has to - trust me, I've made her do it. Most of all, though, the games are smart, and the smartest of them all is Portal: chic, goofy, devious, practical Portal.

Steam for Mac announced, detailed

Steam for Mac announced, detailed

Launching in April with all Valve's games.

Valve has confirmed its not entirely secret plans to bring Steam to the Mac, and revealed the extent to which the Apple platform now weighs on the studio's thinking.

Steam will launch on Mac in April, and Valve's games - including Counter-Strike, the Half-Life series, Left 4 Dead 2, Portal and Team Fortress 2 will be ready then too.

But Valve will also make its future games available simultaneously on Windows and Mac, starting with Portal 2 this Christmas.

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Portal 2 co-op, story, gameplay details

Portal 2 co-op, story, gameplay details

GameStop and Game Informer blow lid.

Portal 2 features a separate two-player co-operative campaign, playable over the internet, and new gameplay features include physics-changing paint.

That's according to various reports and scans that have popped up since Friday's confirmation that Portal 2 is due out this year on PC and Xbox 360. According to Game Informer's latest preview, it's also heading to Mac.

A GameStop product page filled in some of the blanks. "Portal 2 introduces a cast of dynamic new characters, a host of fresh puzzle elements, and a much larger set of devious test chambers," it explained.

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