April 2004 Archive

    1. Former Capcom pres launches publisher
    2. Kya: Dark Lineage
    3. What's New?
    4. And The Rest: Friday News Roundup
    5. Codies unveils this year's Colin McRae
    6. TimeSplitters 3 named
    7. Outrun 2: first Xbox shots and details!
    1. Activision signs Kuju for action title
    2. A new direction for Worms?
    3. Blinx 2 unveiling soon?
    4. Things And Stuff: Thursday News Roundup
    5. Project Zero 2: Crimson Butterfly
    6. New Van Helsing screenshots
    7. Vivendi announces SWAT 4
    8. Carve
    9. DRIV3R, NARC and Joint Ops delayed
    10. GT4 Prologue priced and dated
    11. Firefighter F.D.18
    12. Knights Of The Temple: Infernal Crusade
    13. New Half-Life 2 screenshots
    14. Olsen twins sue Acclaim
    15. Midway to release Shadow Hearts 2
    1. THQ to acquire Relic
    2. Codies clams up on Second Sight deal
    3. Hitman: Contracts demo
    4. Doom III Xbox screenshots
    1. Great balls of Spyro: A Hero's Tail!
    2. Odds And Ends: Tuesday News Roundup
    3. Sega planning new Shining Force titles?
    4. EA announces Rings console RPG
    5. CT Special Forces to appear at E3
    6. Tekken 5 confirmed?
    7. LucasArts confirms layoffs
    8. ShellShock: Nam '67 trailer
    9. UK Charts: No.1 for TOCA Race Driver 2
    10. Bungie founder creates new studio
    1. Bits And Bobs: Monday News Roundup
    2. EyeToy welcomes Sega SuperStars
    3. Empire Earth 2 announced
    4. Viewtiful Joe 2 details and shots
    5. Zoonami announces Funkydilla
    6. Midway Arcade Treasures 2 line-up
    7. Nintendo unveils Metroid Prime 2: Echoes
    1. And The Rest: Friday News Roundup
    2. What's New?
    3. Doom III co-op mode goes online with Xbox Live
    4. Infinium announces $44m funding plans
    5. EA unveils NFS Underground sequel
    6. No split-screen option in Doom III Xbox
    7. Playboy game console versions confirmed
    8. EA sued by EMI over music samples
    9. Win a Pandora Tomorrow Spy Kit
    10. DAOC gets account-splitting feature
    11. Eidos announces Backyard Wrestling 2
    12. THQ announces Tak sequel
    1. Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life
    2. Things And Stuff: Thursday News Roundup
    3. Karaoke Stage sequel announced
    4. Galaxies jumps to Lightspeed
    5. Mikami and Kamiya roll over in the Clover
    6. Ubisoft Montreal hiring hundreds
    7. Capcom confirms Viewtiful Joe PS2
    8. Battle For Troy pretty soon
    9. Quirky new Test Drive game unveiled
    10. RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 trailer
    11. Godzilla prepares to Save the Earth
    12. EA reveals new console Sims
    1. This And That: Wednesday News Roundup
    2. Sony announces Formula One 04
    3. Pokemon episodes to appear on GBA Video this summer
    4. Ninja Gaiden stripped of decapitations
    5. UK Charts: Sonic back on top
    6. Capcom unveils Viewtiful Joe 2
    7. Panic Maker to see Western release
    8. Dino Crisis
    9. Kingdom Hearts 2 characters confirmed
    10. Play PGR2 and win a trip to the States
    11. Battlefront and Episode III game to appear in Star Wars Trilogy DVD set
    1. Kuju's first-party Nintendo title may be 'strategy focused'
    2. A Climactic Encounter
    3. EA officially unveils Battlefield 2
    4. Bits And Bobs: Monday News Roundup
    5. Boktai sequel details flare up
    6. Square Enix raises profit forecasts
    7. Assault Suits Valken title due soon
    8. Filthy Nina flirts, puzzles and fights
    9. UEFA Euro 2004 demo released
    10. Here be the makers of Drakengard!
    11. FlatOut continues smash-'em-up tradition
    12. End of the line for Jak series
    1. Muckybaby goes back to school
    2. Ratchet & Clank 3: Quest for Qwark
    3. Fresh Jak III details emerge
    4. Eidos announces Crash 'n' Burn
    5. Microsoft plans 24 hours Live downtime
    6. First details of Battlefield 2
    7. Pokémon Box to join Stars Catalogue
    8. Fallout: BOS competition winners
    9. Reader Reviews
    1. Japan adopts new game content ratings
    2. What's New?
    3. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
    4. Metroid: Zero Mission
    1. Things And Stuff: Thursday News Roundup
    2. Rogue Leader developer Factor 5 plans no further GameCube titles
    3. Hitman: Contracts
    4. EA and DICE announce Battlefield: Modern Combat for PS2 Online
    5. Ubisoft pens exclusive deal with US Army, announces America's Army console title
    6. Take-Two adds Max Payne GBA developer to the Rockstar family
    7. Nintendo confirms second run of Famicom Mini titles for May 21st
    8. EyeToy boosted by monkey mini-games, while Konami and Bandai plan other titles
    9. Metroid Prime 2 scans confirm multiplayer mode, new visor modes
    10. Nokia updates N-Gage hardware platform with N-Gage QD
    11. UK Charts: Pandora Tomorrow No.1 again
    1. Nintendo announces GameCube and Pokemon Colosseum Mega Pak
    2. This And That: Wednesday News Roundup
    3. N-Gage to answer Call of Duty
    4. UT2004 DVD edition restock won't be necessary in Europe, says Atari
    5. Hideo Kojima discusses the development of Metal Gear Solid 3
    6. Silicon Knights ends Nintendo exclusivity deal
    7. Nokia N-Gage QD
    1. Ubisoft and Gearbox announce Brothers In Arms World War II franchise
    2. Nintendo plans to unveil new Cube peripheral at E3
    3. Jolt to host UK Steam server
    4. Odds And Ends: Tuesday News Roundup
    5. Metal Gear Solid 3 Camo Index movie breaks cover
    6. Devil May Cry goes back to its roots for big E3 unveiling
    7. Zombie elephants stampede into Resident Evil Outbreak File #2
    8. Counter-Strike: Condition Zero
    9. Activision briefs us on Gray Matter's Call of Duty: United Offensive
    10. Namco confirms Tales of Rebirth and PS2 Symphonia port
    11. VU Games to offer free download of Tribes and Tribes 2 next month
    1. Ninty reveals new Golf title
    2. EA's Mr Big quits
    3. More Half-Life 2 movies to drool over
    4. Things And Stuff: Thursday News Roundup
    5. First Ghost Recon 2 details unveiled
    1. SCi to publish Jason And The Argonauts game?
    2. New Rainbow Six 3 maps released
    3. Fallout: Brotherhood Of Steel
    4. Reader Reviews
    5. What's New?
    1. This And That: Wednesday News Roundup
    2. Ubisoft confirms Far Cry console title
    3. First Bard's Tale trailer released
    4. Nintendo prepares 'war chest'
    5. Riding Spirits II
    6. MS Japan plans another Xbox bundle
    7. Resi Evil Outbreak 2 confirmed
    8. John Woo's Metroid for Xmas 2005
    9. Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow
    1. Harvey Smith leaves ION Storm Austin
    2. New S.T.A.L.K.E.R movie released
    3. Odds And Ends: Tuesday News Roundup
    4. Sega: 'Six brand new games at E3'
    5. Eidos unwittingly unveils key new games
    6. MS to launch Xbox Halo pack Stateside
    7. Sight-seeing on Endor and Geonosis
    8. And in the French corner... Rocky Legends!
    9. UK Charts: Pandora Tomorrow hangs on to No.1
    10. Ubisoft announces Myst IV: Revelation
    11. Tenchu: Return From Darkness
    1. Watch out, Radioactive Man!
    2. Bits And Bobs: Monday News Roundup
    3. Chris Sawyer working on modernisation of Transport Tycoon
    4. Intelligent Systems working on new Fire Emblem title for GameCube
    5. Nintendo to talk N5 at E3
    1. Sony's E3 plans laid bare
    2. Colin McRae 04 multiplayer demo
    3. And The Rest: Friday News Roundup
    4. Red Dead Revolver
    5. John Carmack: 'Games will look like the Lord Of The Rings'
    6. What's New?
    7. John Carmack on AI, development cycles and new technology
    8. Nintendo planning Q4 blitz for Cube and Game Boy Advance
    9. Take-Two announces Close Combat FPS and RTS titles
    10. Latest F-Zero GBA outing zips into view
    11. Gran Turismo 4 will tackle cheaters
    1. Things And Stuff: Thursday News Roundup
    2. Paper Mario 2 looks to be a big draw
    3. EA unveils Def Jam Vendetta sequel
    4. IL-2 team busy at work on Pacific Fighters World War II title
    5. Metal Gear Solid 3 to be playable at E3 with context-sensitive combat system
    6. Pandora Tomorrow Xbox MP bug fixed
    7. Joint Ops demo swoops in from the West