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Outrun 2: first Xbox shots and details!

The practically mythic Sega racer that they said would never happen... is happening. And it's been transformed from the arcade version in the UK, no less.

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Sega came clean about the console conversion of Outrun 2 today, confirming the game has been naturally ported from the Chihiro arcade board for Xbox, while making no mention of a PlayStation 2 version.

First shots also arrived today, indicating that it hasn't fared so badly in the transfer from the arcade version. Vehement Sega fans are likely to actually die on viewing these. Poor loves.

Private press screenings of the game are likely before E3, where Sega will show what looks to be a beautiful conversion on linked Xbox pods at the LA Convention Center.

Almost unbelievably handled by British outfit Sumo as a first project, the Ferrari-filled arcade classic will, according to Sega, feature full Xbox Live support, an "extensive" single-player mission mode and unlockable as yet undescribed elements.

The press has been chasing a console version of Outrun 2 for years. Rumours have bandied back and forth between Xbox and PlayStation 2 versions, with the traditional vigour shown by those blindly affiliated to anything Sega fully on display. Well, kids, there you are. We'll have our first impressions from the E3 show floor.

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