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New Van Helsing screenshots

Shots of the PS2 and Xbox based movie license, which actually threatens to be good, judging by our experiences with the preview version...

Movie licenses generally don't do much for, well, anybody with any knowledge of movie-based videogames, but every once in a while we do come across an exception to the rule, and judging by the preview code we took on last week, Van Helsing could well prove to be one of those exceptions.

As such, it's with no small measure of pleasure that we bring you a batch of new screenshots this afternoon, one of which shows off our hero sticking his default twin pistols to the Wolfman (who looks none too pleased as a result), while another sees Van Helsing fending off a group of spear-wielding Ewok rejects in the bowels of a castle.

Elsewhere you can see the Hugh Jackman-voiced and modelled lead trying to escape the clutches of a demented owl in a graveyard, and preparing to really kick some backside with a pair of frighteningly massive swords - which could be viewed as yet another nod to Capcom's Devil May Cry, a game from which Saffire's effort draws no small amount of inspiration. You can find the others here, including one we've nicknamed 'line-dancing'.

Van Helsing should be released on PS2, Xbox and GBA on May 14th, with the movie due out in the UK at around the same time.

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