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Devil May Cry goes back to its roots for big E3 unveiling

The third instalment in Dante's series is being prepped for a big E3 announcement, and American sources close to Capcom tell us that it's more like the original than the sequel.

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Devil May Cry 3 will take centre stage alongside Resident Evil 4 at Capcom's pre-E3 trade event on May 10th, US sources close to the publisher told Eurogamer this week.

Interestingly, one source added that Devil May Cry 3 "goes back to the original" in terms of concept, which would seem to tie in with rumours that the game is currently in development under the direction of the original Devil May Cry team, and not those who worked on the widely panned follow-up.

Capcom Eurosoft could neither confirm nor deny Devil May Cry 3's existence when quizzed this morning, telling us, "Until a game is officially announced by our Japanese office, any mentions of such a game are no more than rumours."

Last month, a report on a kung fu website claimed that martial artist Stephanie Cheeva was contributing motion capture work to the project, something which Capcom has not refuted.

Capcom traditionally waits until the last possible moment to announce its E3 line-up, so you can expect to hear more about Devil May Cry 3 around this time next month.

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