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And in the French corner... Rocky Legends!

Ubisoft unveils another boxing title - from mostly the same people, too.

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Although Scottish developer Rage produced a lot of fairly rubbish games (sorry guys), the now-defunct software house did manage to polish up the occasional gem, and the original Rocky boxing title was certainly one. Clearly we're not the only ones who thought so either, because Ubisoft and MGM (those lion people) have this week announced Rocky Legends, which is in development at Venom Games - a developer comprised largely of ex-Rage talent.

Due out before the end of the year on PS2 and Xbox, Rocky Legends aims to tell more of the back-story of the characters made famous by the five-movie series, and expands on the original's career mode by allowing players to take on the roles of Rocky, Apollo Creed, Clubber Lang and Ivan Drago amongst others as they follow a suitably rags-to-riches path from obscurity to fame, fortune and high profile fisticuffs.

The new game will apparently feature around twice as many fighters as before, 13 venues not seen in the original Rocky (making for 20 in total), eight training modes (including some co-op offerings) and, in a boon for Xbox owners, online multiplayer via Xbox Live. There's no mention of PS2 Online at this point, but Ubisoft is usually very good about sharing the fun with everyone.

Expect to hear more about Rocky Legends at this year's E3 trade show next month.

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