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Resi Evil Outbreak 2 confirmed

Online survival horror is back for another bite. But will it go online in Europe this time?

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Capcom is poised to officially unveil a sequel to Resident Evil Outbreak 2 in the next few days, and hopes are that Europe will get to experience the game online this time around.

According to a report in this week's Famitsu, the survival horror title will remain online, and retain some if not all of the original game's eight characters. Speaking to Eurogamer today, sources close to the publisher indicated that a bigger announcement was planned for sometime between now and E3 next month. Capcom Eurosoft declined to comment.

Although Resident Evil Outbreak recently arrived in the States, it won't be released in Europe until September, and Capcom recently confirmed that PAL PS2 owners would not be able to take the game's multiplayer adventure online.

However, in announcing this, the publisher also expressed its ambition to overcome the issues that stood in the way on this occasion. "Right now a number of engineers from Japan are in Europe talking to various ISPs, and we hope that it will only be a number of months before we have an online PS2 game up and running," a spokesperson said at the time. All of which bodes well for the Outbreak sequel's future in Europe.

Expect to hear more about Resident Evil Outbreak 2 in the near future.

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