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Quirky new Test Drive game unveiled

Drive a hearse against demo derby types and try to survive a few laps - that's one of 25 rather unusual events the new Test Drive offers...

Atari has announced a new game in the long running Test Drive series. Called Test Drive: Eve of Destruction, it's in production at NASCAR: Dirt to Daytona developer Monster Games, and should be released on PS2 this autumn in the States.

Unlike the last couple of Test Drive games (which were, to be blunt, pretty rubbish), this one actually sounds like it might be interesting, or at the very least a bit of a departure. Mixing in elements of demolition derbies and traditional racing games, EOD's 25 events are varied and unusual.

Gauntlet, for example, apparently involves driving a hearse and trying to complete a certain number of laps whilst trying to survive relentless attacks from other vehicles. Trailer Race, meanwhile, involves, er, racing while towing trailers, and trying to make it through the race with the trailer intact.

There's also a simple Demolition Derby mode (last car standing sort of thing), and multiplayer options for up to four players. Atari hasn't mentioned PS2 Online support yet, but we've seen it announced in other similar titles from the publisher lately, so it's not completely out of the question.

Test Drive will probably make an appearance at E3, so we'll see if it's worth taking note of when we report from LA next month.