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Joint Ops demo swoops in from the West

We love the smell of demo in the morning.

NovaLogic has released its promised demo of Joint Operations, an ambitious multiplayer FPS set in near-future Indonesia. The demo features one map (Twin Island), and lets you choose from five different player classes and wield up any of 27 weapons whilst pootling around in a variety of vehicles. As with the full game, the Joint Ops demo is also capable of hosting over 100 players at a time - no mean feat.

100 players is certainly something to get excited about but there's always a price to be paid for decadence, and in Joint Ops' case that price is the cold hard gaminglucre you'll have to slap down to in order to bring your beige box up to speed. Fair enough, the demo build is not fully optimised, but the 1.4GHz processor minimum requirement is akin to the numbers publishers usually stick in the 'recommended' box.

Furthermore, you'll need a broadband connection, which is hardly surprising when you consider the number of players involved, but still worth noting before you sneak into the office computer room and siphon off 208MB's worth of demo in the hope of wheeling it home to play with on your modem.

That said, we reckon you'll be fine in any case because, as we all know, the notion of soldiers without all the right equipment is patently ludicrous.

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