January 2010 Archive

    1. Iwata unimpressed by iPad, 3D gaming
    2. Chime
    3. PS3: Hacked
    4. The State of Split-Screen Gaming
    5. Pirates of the Burning Sea
    6. Assassin's Creed II: Battle of Forli
    7. Endless Ocean 2: Adventures of the Deep
    8. Red Dead Redemption
    9. MAG
    10. New PAL Releases Roundup - 29/01/10
    11. MotoGP 09/10
    12. Tech Analysis: Apple iPad
    1. Dead to Rights: Retribution dated
    2. Nintendo DSi LL
    3. DS Roundup
    4. Japanese DS Roundup
    5. New Mistwalker game coming to Wii
    6. EA Sports has "nothing at all" for 3DTVs
    7. LOTRO starts Vol. III with next update
    8. PlatinumGames reveals Vanquish
    9. Star Trek Online update plans outlined
    10. Codemasters "terminates" Hei$t
    11. 530 Eco Shooter on WiiWare today
    12. Mega Man DS compilation unveiled
    13. New Borderlands DLC unveiled
    14. CD Projekt suspends FPS They
    15. EA unveils FIFA Online
    16. GTAIV Episodes coming to PC and PS3
    17. Xbox 360 sales down 13% year-on-year
    1. Ray Muzyka: BioWare's Illusive Man
    2. God of War III gets US release date
    3. Champions Online to get expansion
    4. BFBC2 MP demo next week on PS3
    5. Metro 2033 arriving in March
    6. Uncharted 2 demo on PS3 Store today
    7. Paradox reveals Sword of the Stars II
    8. No dedicated servers for BioShock 2
    9. GOG signs Activision catalogue
    10. BF: Bad Company 2 demo on Live
    11. Face-Off: Assassin's Creed II
    12. FFXIII will get DLC, says Kitase
    13. Darksiders 360 patch analysed
    14. Dragon Age DLC back up "very soon"
    15. Euro Bayonetta install patch now live
    16. Flight Control to be remade for iPad
    17. Live BioWare interview today!
    18. Harmonix is working on Green Day: RB
    19. Resort, Fit Plus, NSMB sell 10m each
    20. Cities XL shuts down MMO component
    21. Red 5 confirms lay-offs
    1. Apple unveils the iPad
    2. Ubisoft defends risky PC DRM plan
    3. Arcanum : Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura
    4. Arcanum preview and screenshots
    5. Arcanum : Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura
    6. Arcanum interview
    7. Arcanum website launches
    8. Arcanum announced
    9. Arcanum - do not inhale
    10. ACII DLC out tomorrow on Live
    11. Dante's Dark Forest DLC for 360 too
    12. Ubisoft details Assassin's Creed II DLC
    13. Lionhead veterans form iPhone dev
    14. Irrational reveals cut BioShock ideas
    15. Videogames make you clever - US Navy
    16. Tech Interview: PlayStation 3D
    17. Next Blue Toad episode will be free
    18. Geohot releases "hack" for PS3
    19. Marvelous executives to take pay cuts
    20. MMO studio Red 5 hit by layoffs?
    21. PS3 Bayonetta gets HDD install option
    22. Fable III to go on show next month
    23. SSFIV Collector's Edition unveiled
    24. Buy Psychonauts for a quid on Steam
    25. Harmonix not making Green Day: RB
    26. EA's 2010 FIFA World Cup in April
    27. Red Steel 2 dated for Europe
    1. EA's Moore excited by new iTablet
    2. Supreme Commander 2 here in March
    3. EA's 2010 FIFA World Cup confirmed
    4. PC Assassin's II gets European date
    5. Mortal Online
    6. PlatinumGames reveal this week
    7. Darwinia+ on XBLA in February
    8. 2K "scaling back" BioShock 2 DRM
    9. Xbox Live indie games earn six figures
    10. Remake of Mortal Kombat film coming?
    11. Monster Hunter MMO for 360 in Japan
    12. Gears characters playable in Lost Planet 2
    13. Lost Planet 2, SSFIV get release dates
    14. FFXIII Collector's box detailed
    15. Mass Effect 2
    1. Funcom teases Secret World location
    2. Get Games expands range with sale offers
    3. Music genre isn't dead, says Harmonix
    4. Interplay claims 2012 beta for Project V13
    5. PomPom Games' Michael Michael
    6. Final Fantasy I & II for iPhone
    7. Mass Effect 2 DLC is out now and free
    8. UK charts: Just Dance staying alive
    9. Uncharted 2 skins DLC confirmed
    10. Marvelous sells stake in Rising Star
    11. Pick up Company of Heroes for £2.49
    12. Valve reveals L4D2 Versus changes
    13. Broken Sword for iPhone released
    14. SEGA signs new deal with Alton Towers
    15. Iain Duncan Smith has a go at games
    16. Aion plastic surgery, gender change soon
    1. Points Mean Prizes
    2. PlayStation 3D
    1. PlayStation 3 tops 3 million UK sales
    2. Splinter Cell Conviction coming in April
    3. Batman not so popular in Japan charts
    4. Samurai Showdown Sen here in spring
    5. Uncharted 2 getting new skins in Japan
    6. Bungie: "Halo: Reach for us is not Halo 4"
    7. MAG
    8. PSN update has new special offers
    9. New Borderlands DLC ups level limit
    10. Cowboy duels on WiiWare today
    11. Save your Scorn
    12. New games based on BBC shows coming
    13. New PAL Releases Roundup
    14. Tiger Woods 11/Online this summer
    15. Tricell CEO playable in Resi 5 Gold
    16. European Heavy Rain demo dated
    17. BioShock 2 PC DRM explained
    18. Tony Hawk working with Ride dev again
    19. Big LA Noire reveal coming next month
    20. Rockstar denies San Diego accusations
    21. Xbox Indie Games Roundup
    1. Wii Punch-Out! for first-half of 2009
    2. Hardcore will "pay attention" to Wii soon
    3. MGS Peace Walker has base building
    4. Ubisoft reveals Racket Sports Party
    5. Yakuza 3 gets March date for Europe
    6. Green Man targets digital game-trading
    7. Exploiting Rock Band Network "isn't easy"
    8. Patchwork Heroes revealed for PSP
    9. Tournament players give verdict on MAG
    10. White Knight Chronicles
    11. More Mass Effect games after third one
    12. Eurogamer beats IGN at MAG event
    13. Persona 3 Portable dated for US
    14. Silent Hill: Shattered Memories
    15. Be Origami Killer in Heavy Rain DLC
    16. Fat Princess patched with new map today
    17. "No more" Burnout Paradise DLC
    18. Crysis 2 set in New York City
    19. Halo 3 Mythic 2 Map Pack released
    20. VVVVVV
    1. Napoleon: TW confirms campaign MP
    2. God of War will continue after III
    3. Bethesda mentions WOW-like MMO
    4. Front Mission Evolved for spring
    5. MS never meant XBL Points to "mislead"
    6. Forza dev investigating Natal
    7. Microsoft man has dig at GT5 delay
    8. Microsoft's Phil Spencer
    9. EA Sports Active eyes Natal, PS3 wand?
    10. Love
    11. Return to Ostagar delayed again
    12. Non-profit XBLA game Chime dated
    13. Irrational revealing new game this year
    14. Section 8 gets map pack DLC
    15. 2K confirms BioShock 2 DLC plans
    16. Wii Play is USA's best ever seller
    17. Warcraft movie still at script stage
    18. BioWare outlines Mass Effect 2 DLC plans
    19. PS3 motion controller delayed till autumn
    20. Vandal Hearts: Flames of Judgment
    21. Skate now available as Game on Demand
    22. Crackdown 2 demo is a definite
    23. Pre-order BioShock 2 PC, get original free
    24. Microsoft clarifies Mod War 2 DLC deal
    25. Peter Jackson enjoying Mod War 2
    26. Spider-Man games "suck", says Acti boss
    1. SEGA reveals UK AVP retailer deals
    2. Project Zero 4 translated to English
    3. UK Metroid Trilogy not discontinued
    4. Sony shows off 3D LittleBigPlanet
    5. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
    6. MAG tournament invites going out
    7. Nintendo reveals Q1 2010 line-up
    8. Pokémon HeartGold/SoulSilver dated
    9. Rock Band Network beta begins today
    10. Kotick could have bought Blizzard for $7m
    11. ESPN could come to Xbox 360, says report
    12. Just Dance
    1. Venezuelan pres. calls games "poison"
    2. UK charts: Just Dance defeats MW2
    3. Quantum Theory here in late March
    4. Vancouver 2010
    5. Hellgate to return to West in 2011
    6. Activision sticking with DJ Hero series
    7. Nolan North hints at Uncharted 3
    8. Age of Booty sequel spied on horizon
    9. EA exec responds to Lasky slagging
    10. Newspaper stands by new DS report
    11. BlazBlue releasing on PSP in March
    12. Mark Cerny joins AIAS Hall of Fame
    13. Last Rebellion gets release date
    14. Chinatown Wars now on sale in App Store
    15. Gabe Newell wins GDC Pioneer Award
    16. Developers announce Haiti relief plans
    17. PS3 3.15 firmware now mandatory
    18. Mass Effect 2 DLC details this week
    19. Resonance of Fate
    1. The Anti-Aliasing Effect
    2. Making it Special
    1. Phoenix Wright heads WiiWare update
    2. Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days
    3. Coming Attractions: Action-Adventure & Platformers
    4. Activision confirms new DJ Hero game
    5. Coming Attractions: Strategy, Simulation & Sports
    6. Napoleon: Total War
    7. DICE explains BFBC2 server policy
    8. Wii and DS thrash competition in US
    9. Batman: AA to get GOTY treatment
    10. SEGA's All-Star Racing in February
    11. Picross 3D dated for March
    12. SEGA dates Napoleon: Total War
    13. New PAL Releases Roundup
    14. WGA announces game writing nominees
    15. EA is doing it all wrong, says former exec
    16. US games market down 8 per cent in 09
    17. Modern Warfare 2 tops US chart for 2009
    18. Ubisoft: BG&E2 is still in development
    19. Dark Void was delayed to avoid ODST
    20. Lasky: EA is in the wrong business
    21. No ETA on Return to Ostagar launch
    1. Yamauchi: GT5 not using all PS3's power
    2. Ubisoft sorting Live by the Creed prizes
    3. Sony refreshes the PlayStation Store
    4. Fils-Aime: Wii not going anywhere soon
    5. Levine talks scrapped Irrational game
    6. Splinter Cell delayed for "polish"
    7. 3D Dot Game Heroes dated for Europe
    8. Street Fighter wins worst film 2009 award
    9. Half-Minute Hero for Europe in February
    10. Valve wants you to make TF2 items
    11. Warner Bros. signs Sesame Street deal
    12. New Driver and Rabbids games on the way
    13. Modern Warfare 2 makes a billion dollars
    14. Western FFXIII "finally completed"
    15. Ubi to "refocus" on 360 and PS3 this year
    16. I Am Alive, Conviction, R.U.S.E delayed
    17. Return to Ostagar released then pulled
    18. Nintendo dates European DSi XL
    19. Starship Patrol
    1. Coming Attractions: MMOs & RPGs
    2. MS launches game-maker Kodu on PC
    3. Only bad Wii games sell badly - Bloober
    4. Modern Warfare 2 wins 2009 in UK
    5. Coming Attractions: Fighting, Puzzle & Arcade
    6. Wii's Metroid M arriving this year
    7. MAG clips onto solid UK date
    8. MS announces new Lips game
    9. Loads of content cut from FFXIII - report
    10. Next DS won't have motion sensor after all
    11. Euro Star Trek Online open beta begins
    12. Bach: 70-80% of pubs doing Natal games
    13. Gran Turismo 5 delayed again
    14. Sony Europe comments on GT5 delay
    15. Nintendo trademarks Wii Relax in US
    16. Tekken 6 patch adds campaign co-op
    17. EA polling about Woods "controversy"
    18. Capcom making "gamer's game" for Natal
    19. BioWare confirms SWTOR for spring 2011
    20. 3D Dot Game Heroes
    21. iPhone Roundup
    1. GOD: Dead Rising this month
    2. MS dates, prices Vandal Hearts XBLA
    3. UFC 2010 Undisputed dated for May
    4. DOWII expansion Chaos Rising dated
    5. Phoenix Wright on WiiWare this week
    6. Forza 3 AutoWeek DLC released
    7. Coming Attractions: Shooters & Racing
    8. GT5 demo downloaded a million times
    9. Army of Two: The 40th Day
    10. Rebellion to close Derby studio
    11. PSP's Ace Combat Joint Assault dated
    12. THQ announces UFC 2010 Undisputed
    13. GAME's GOWIII bundle costs £110
    14. Red Ring of Death foils thief
    15. Broken Sword for iPhone next month
    16. BioShock 2
    17. Halo: Reach "better across the board"
    18. IK+
    19. Heroes Of Might & Magic IV
    20. No Metal Gear Solid movie after all?
    21. EA to release "major MMO" in spring 2011
    22. James Cameron: Avatar didn't rip off Halo
    23. New version of RISK coming to XBLA
    24. Dead Space 2 and Crysis 2 by March 2011
    25. Puzzle Chronicles to arrive next month
    26. Euro ModNation Racers beta dated
    27. Super Stardust 3D: 720p120 confirmed
    28. Taylor: RTS innovators going backwards
    29. Supreme Commander 2
    1. Serious Sam HD on XBLA this week
    2. Game Room decorations are unlockable
    3. Nintendo DSi
    4. EA confirms Wii NBA Jam revival
    5. Metroid Prime: Trilogy discontinued in UK
    6. Nintendo responds to Greenpeace report
    7. Lionhead showing Fable III next month
    8. Digital Foundry vs. 3D Gaming
    9. UK charts: MW2 beats Bayonetta
    10. Criterion rubbishes NFS leaks
    11. Mad Catz paid not to make Guitar Hero
    12. Blomkamp torn about District 9 game
    13. Ninety-Nine Nights 2 to arrive this spring
    14. PC Bad Company 2 beta dated
    15. 2K Boston becomes Irrational Games
    16. Aliens vs. Predator will be demoed
    17. "Rockstar Spouse" attacks dev conditions
    18. Ron Jeremy takes a pop at videogames
    19. Mass Effect 2 has "intense" DLC schedule
    20. Halo 3 beats COD on Live in 2009
    21. Matt Hazard: Blood Bath and Beyond
    1. Recession or Transition?
    1. Star Trek Online
    2. Sony dates Heavy Rain for Europe
    3. MAG
    4. New games on WiiWare, DSiWare and VC
    5. Greenpeace: Nintendo most eco-unfriendly
    6. New Super Mario Bros. on top in Japan
    7. New PAL Releases Roundup
    8. Endless Ocean 2 dated for Europe
    9. L4D2 free for XBL Silvers next week
    10. Sledgehammer's first game is "unique"
    11. Crackdown 2 twice as tall as predecessor
    12. Halo: Reach to be 2010's biggest seller?
    13. EA officially hires NBA Jam creator
    14. Nier due out in spring in the US
    15. Infinity Ward not doing Mod War 3?
    16. Darksiders 360 tearing patch "really soon"
    17. PAL PlayStation Store refreshed
    18. Charge That Windmill
    1. Microsoft reveals Game Room pricing
    2. God of War III dated for Japan
    3. HMV: Heavy Rain date is unconfirmed
    4. Why Natal cost-cutting makes sense
    5. Final Fantasy XIII
    6. Super Stardust HD revitalised by 3D
    7. Capcom backtracks on Wii negativity
    8. Microsoft drops internal Natal chip
    9. Sony declines to confirm Heavy Rain date
    10. Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes
    11. Mad Catz reveals crazy new PC mouse
    12. PomPom's PSP Mini this month
    13. BioWare details Awakening char transition
    14. Games are "filled with hope", says LaBoeuf
    15. Alan Wake getting DLC episodes
    16. Duke Nukem actor hints at future for DNF
    17. PS3 sales up 76 per cent over Christmas
    18. Sony to expand PSN to other products
    19. Microsoft reveals Game Room for Live
    20. Sony to increase Blu-ray capacity
    21. Project Natal dated for "holiday 2010"
    22. Modern Warfare 2 DLC still on 360 first
    23. MS: Xbox 360 has sold 39m units
    1. Games BAFTAs to be broadcast live
    2. RB2 to support wireless SingStar mics
    3. Supreme Commander 2
    4. Brits spent £3bn on videogames in 2009
    5. Sonic All-Stars Racing supports Miis
    6. Mommy's Best Games' Nathan Fouts
    7. Darksiders' Joe Madureira
    8. Trials HD BIG Pack
    9. Region-free Metal Slug XX dated on PSP
    10. Capcom France: gamers have deserted Wii
    11. Heavy Rain gets 15 certificate from BBFC
    12. Majesco reveals 3D shooter for Wii
    13. Michael Jackson PS3 bundle on the way
    14. USK mentions Blur multiplayer demo
    15. Iwata: "Wii has recovered from slowdown"
    16. Iwata talks about post-DS handheld
    17. Aion glitch gives players trillions of gold
    18. Unofficial 8-bit Left 4 Dead available
    19. Banjo-Kazooie now available for download
    20. App Store passes 3 billion downloads
    21. App Store downloads hit 1 billion
    1. Mighty MAG tournament detailed
    2. Spec Ops: The Line
    3. Dark Void demo due later this week
    4. Vigil not doing DLC for Darksiders
    5. DS is Europe's best-selling console
    6. EA details Dragon Age expansion
    7. PlatinumGames teases new game
    8. Phase two of FIFA 10 World Cup begins
    9. David Guetta leaks DJ Hero 2
    10. Game prices will fall, predicts EA
    11. SBK X
    12. Fictional Seinfeld Frogger score beaten
    13. EA spreading NBA Jam onto Wii
    14. DAO Return to Ostagar delayed
    15. Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time
    16. PixelJunk Shooter
    17. God of War Collection
    18. Sony tackling MAG beta troubles
    19. Protoss mini-campaign in SCII: Wings
    20. MOH has multiple playable characters
    21. EA's Xbox Live rebate deal extended
    22. WOW nearly out of woods in China
    23. Live Darksiders interview at 3pm!
    24. Matt Hazard PSN/XBLA out this week
    25. Efron's 360 addiction shame revealed
    26. EA Sports sticking with Tiger Woods
    27. Metaplace's Raph Koster
    1. Indie MMO Love heads into beta
    2. Dragon Age Ostagar DLC tomorrow
    3. Fugitive tracked down through WOW
    4. MS demos muscle-controlled games
    5. IGF reveals 2010 indie finalists
    6. Borderlands: Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot
    7. Broadmoor patients get given Wiis
    8. UK charts: MW2 celebrates 8 weeks on top
    9. Queen's New Year list honours Brit devs
    10. L4D2 toolset released on PC
    11. Capcom done with Western devs
    12. Capcom delays LP2, SSFIV, MH3
    13. EA to shut down a load of old servers
    14. People Can Fly trademarks Bulletstorm
    15. LEGO Indy 2 demo on PS3 and 360
    16. Gears of War now available on Xbox Live
    17. Two new titles from Mistwalker in 2010
    18. Mass Effect 2 does have New Game+
    19. Plants vs. Zombies for iPhone this month
    20. THQ signs new eight-year WWE deal
    21. Dragon Age expansion for March?
    1. Industry highs and lows of 2009
    1. That Was The News: Part 2
    1. That Was The News: Part 1