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Wii Punch-Out! for first-half of 2009

Nintendo whips calendar out.

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Nintendo has revealed release dates for lots of major upcoming first-party Wii and DS games.

Most of them we heard about late last year, but a recent financial paper shows some calendar shuffling.

Ridiculously-named DS pedometer game Walk With Me! Do You Know Your Walking Routine? moves forward to 6th February. That's the same day DS observation title Mystery Case Files: MillionHeir launches.

We can expect Pokémon Platinum and Rhythm Paradise this side of 2009, too. Mario & Luigi RPG 3 (working title) and Kirby Super Star Ultra (working title) will turn up later this year.

The DSi, Nintendo says, will be out sometime this spring/summer. Release date at E3, perhaps?

Also of handheld interest are a US date for Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon on 16th February, and the appearance of a Rittai Picross game for Japan on 12th March. We do so love a bit of Picross.

On the Wii side of the calendar, Punch-Out! and New Play Control! Pikmin 2 will arrive in the first-half of 2009. And we're told Wii Sports Resort will arrive sometime this year - as will working titles Sin & Punishment, Another Code R and Endless Ocean 2.

The list also confirms Chibi Robo for a Wiimake under the New Control Play! brand.

Third-party US and Japan dates follow, but there's little of interest from a European perspective; the big-hitters carry dates for our region already.

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