Punch Out!!



Box fresh.

They don't make 'em like they used to. It's a complaint made often enough about games but levelled more often these days at Nintendo - a company regarded by many as having abandoned its distinguished heritage, and having ignored its loyal audience in pursuit of the mass-market dollar. Whatever the merit of such criticism, it's hard not to view the Wii version of Punch-Out!! as a pointed response.

You want the old days back? Then have them. Have a nostalgic comeback from a series not seen in 15 years. Play a brand new eighties arcade game in your own home, one that's been lovingly updated and is painstakingly faithful to its roots.

Swap motion-sensitive technology for holding your Wii remote like a NES controller and shredding your thumb on the d-pad. Relive the pain and joy of gameplay that demands razor-sharp reactions, pattern-learning and exhaustive trial and error. Understand that Nintendo can make 'em like they used to, any time they feel like it.

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GDC: Punch-Out!!

Comeback kid.

As soon as you play Punch-Out!!, it seems obvious. You can't believe you didn't think of it before. You realise that the tense ménage-a-trois between Nintendo, its disgruntled hardcore fans, and its new darlings - the smiling, social, fit families of the Wii generation - might be easily patched up by a trip down memory lane to the places where they all met for the first time, twenty-five years ago: the arcade, and its spin-off stepchild, the NES. Nostalgia, novelty, purity, approachability and depth - something for everyone.

GDC: Punch-Out!! has multiplayer

MotionPlus isn't ruled out either.

In the first press preview of its Wii revival Punch-Out!! at GDC this week, Nintendo and developer Next Level Games have revealed that the game will have a multiplayer mode - but they haven't said quite what it will be yet.

Punch-Out!! Euro date confirmed

Punch-Out!! Euro date confirmed

SNES game for VC tomorrow.

Nintendo's confirmed an exact European release date for Punch-Out!!, its Wii remake of its NES and SNES arcade boxing game.

The game will be out on May 22nd, days after its US launch on the 18th. It offers both motion-sensing controls using the remote and nunchuck, and a classic NES-style button scheme.

To herald the release, Nitendo is putting the SNES entry in the series - Super Punch Out! - up for download on the Virtual Console tomorrow, Friday 20th March.

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Peculiar bedfellows, perhaps? There was always going to be a clash somewhere in this year's Coming Attractions as we sorted our way through 12 categories, but you could argue there's more that unites fighting and strategy than divides them. Both are about trying to take maximum of advantage of your opposition's weaknesses, both reward patience, concentration and consideration, and as of Red Alert 3 both have a thing for impractical women's clothing.