Endless Ocean 2

Endless Ocean 2: Adventures of the Deep

"Playing this game is almost like taking a holiday from gaming," I wrote when reviewing the first Endless Ocean a couple of years ago. Nintendo and Arika's mild-mannered scuba diving sim was so dreamy, so dull, you could almost have called it the world's most involved screen saver. It seemed to be designed to fill the space on the TV when you didn't want a game to be there: it was pretty, relaxing, untaxing and completely unexciting. It was a lovely respite, but as holidays go, it was a few days on a good beach with a bad airport novel.

Endless Ocean 2, with its dangerously pulse-raising subtitle Adventures of the Deep, is more like a light adventure holiday for the over-60s. It features gentle trekking, mixed company, informative guides, lots of organised activities (optional, naturally) and even a few brief moments of mild excitement to make you feel young again. It's still a holiday, and still a very pleasant gear-change from the daily grind, but it makes more of an effort to keep your interest.

It is also surely the only videogame ever made to feature a lady singing the word "Carrickfergus".

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