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Endless Ocean 2 dated for Europe

Wii sequel has plaice on February schedule.

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Nintendo's revealed a 5th February release date for Wii game Endless Ocean 2.

As in EO, deep-sea diving is the catch of the day, although this time you can wade out of the depths to look at birds and things that look like jellyfish but aren't, probably.

The sequel also allows you to go diving with friends in multiplayer, where you can chat via Wii Speak and swap watery tales.

Missions in Endless Ocean 2 include tending to coral reefs, riding dolphins and hanging around with whales. You'll be plunging into icy Arctic waters, foraging through sunken wrecks in the Aegean Sea and exploring the riches of the Brazilian Amazon.

But life under water isn't all parrot fish and sea horses: there are dangerous predators down there, and you'll need your Pulsar gun at the ready to repel them when they strike.

Released in 2007, Endless Ocean stood apart from the shoal for being different, and it's encouraging to see Nintendo commissioning more from developer Akira.

Head over to our Endless Ocean review for an idea of what to expect.

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