Another Code R: A Journey into Lost Memories

Another Code R: A Journey Into Lost Memories

"Read & Solve like a Mystery Novel!" shouts the sticker on the box for this languid detective adventure, a sequel to the 2005 DS game Another Code: Two Memories. One of Nintendo's cleverer marketing ideas (and it's had plenty lately) has been to slip the classic narrative adventure in with its rebranding of videogaming to reflect the concerns of a front-of-store display in Borders. Character-driven, brain-teasing murder mysteries sit quite neatly alongside food, fitness and self-help, and a moribund gaming genre gets to find its second wind in the slipstream of a mass-market revolution. Cheers all round.

The thing is, though, that Another Code R: A Journey Into Lost Memories doesn't read quite like a mystery novel, and you don't solve it quite like one. For a start, it's moved from DS - where all the recent hits in the genre, from its predecessor and Hotel Dusk (also by Japanese developer Cing) to Professor Layton and Phoenix Wright, have found their home - to Wii. So you no longer hold it in your hand while you wait for a bus or sit on a beach, idly flicking through dialogue and snapping it shut to ruminate on plot points.

Secondly - and here it differs from Hotel Dusk and Capcom's brilliant legal dramas in particular - you don't solve it by teasing out plot clues and guessing characters' motivation and opportunity. The game does that for you, while you unlock the next section of the story through a series of specific, situational item-combination riddles, logic puzzles and motion interactions. It's more of a traditional videogame adventure in that sense.

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FeatureAnother Code R: A Journey into Lost Memories

Cing speaks to us about the follow-up to Two Memories.

'Resurgence' may be too strong a word, or even the wrong one entirely, but the DS and Wii have certainly encouraged developers to treat adventure games as a viable option again despite the waning fortunes of the genre on other platforms. Perhaps most significantly, the Nintendo formats have put adventure games together with Japanese developers, who only rarely engaged with point-and-clock games or more traditional adventures on previous systems.

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