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Blomkamp torn about District 9 game

But nothing's happening anyway.

Film director Neill Blomkamp has said there are no current plans to make a game based on District 9 and that he's pretty conflicted about the idea anyway.

"The idea of District 9 as a videogame stresses me out a little bit because games based on movies rarely work. And movies based on games don't work - I don't know what's up with that," the director told the LA Times (thanks Kotaku).

"District 9 as a game would be fascinating. And I don't want to see it happen for any sort of corporate reason or profit thing. I used to be involved in computer graphics and I love virtual environments. That's why I like videogames, really.

"And I think a virtual environment of the slums of Soweto is an appealing idea to me. The weapons are cool, too. I photographed the film in a way that isn't that different than videogame perspective in some parts. So a game would be interesting to me. There's nothing happening with it though."

Blomkamp is probably best known in gaming circles as the man who was going to direct the aborted Halo film, which was in pre-production before the director declared it dead in late 2007.

When pressed by the LA Times on why he would have chosen to work on a film-of-a-game if he thinks they don't work, and if this meant he thought he could be the guy who finally did make it work, he replied; "Yeah, totally, that's exactly why." Oh well, District 9's done good.