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Valve wants you to make TF2 items

Create/share/use hats, weapons, avatars.

Valve's unveiled the Team Fortress 2 Contribution Site, where members of the community can make and share weapons and hats and items for use in game.

Valve will need to sift through submissions before they go live, but when they do, then the entire TF2 community on PC can use them.

"Think you're good at making TF2 items and avatars? Better even than the people who design the game? Here's the thing: you're probably right," the Contribution Site admits. "And believe us, this knowledge haunts us every day.

"Gabe Newell's just an email away, after all. What if you ratted us out?"

Note that there are a few requirements to adhere by, like file formats and no offensive designs - they'll be quickly filtered out. Otherwise there's little holding you back.

Why not create something Eurogamer-inspired? Send us a picture of it in-game and we'll bloody kiss you.