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28th October 2010

Valve unveils first TF2 boss

11th December 2009

Valve fixes L4D2, updates TF2

14th December 2007

The Orange Box

29th October 2007

Orange Box 360 patched

18th September 2007

Team Fortress 2 beta live

10th October 2007

Team Fortress 2

20th July 2006

Team Fortress 2 trailer

FeatureValve's forgotten game: Team Fortress 2's shocking toxicity problem

For some who have suffered harassment and sexual abuse, enough is enough.

Despite being released over 10 years ago, Team Fortress 2 still boasts one of the biggest player bases on Steam. Today, the number of players peaked at 54,350 - placing the game at seventh on Steam's leaderboard of most-played games. And behind the player count, there is still a significant esports community organised by a series of leagues unaffiliated with Valve. TF2 players have run a small but passionate competitive community for several years.

Fortnite is currently the game most associated with meme culture, but back in the day, Team Fortress 2 was responsible for some incredible viral creations of its own. One of these memes, a crustacean sensation known as the Spycrab, became a huge part of the Team Fortress 2 community and was immortalised after achieving official recognition from Valve.

A decade on, Team Fortress 2 gets big new update

Valve shooter Team Fortress 2 is getting a big update this week, 10 years on from its initial launch.

Jungle Inferno is a mix of maps and cosmetic bits made partly by Valve and partly by the game's community.

Today, Valve revealed Mercenary Park - a new map made in-house which looks like a mix of Australian-themes and Jurassic Park.

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Sin City is the global capital of gambling. Casinos with colourful chips, well-postured croupiers and automaton pensioners plugged into slot machines. At first glance it might not seem sinister, but strip back the glamour and Las Vegas paints a sad picture - its denizens cogs in a billion-dollar machine fuelled by potentially addictive gaming. The novelty of the place can hide its true intentions.

I've been watching quite a bit of Nigel Slater's Dish of the Day recently, it's very soothing - even if the idea of him bursting into my kitchen and making a meal out of whatever's lying around is mildly alarming. One thing I really admire about Mr Slater is his unapologetic obsession with sandwiches; I love a good sandwich as much as the next person, but Nigel Slater bloody loves them. I wish I loved anything as much as Nigel Slater loves slapping a few ingredients between two pieces of bread.

Team Fortress 2 Love and War update kicks off

Team Fortress 2 Love and War update kicks off

UPDATE: Day two adds new weapons and items.

UPDATE: Day two of the Love and War update for free-to-play multiplayer shooter Team Fortress 2 adds new weapons and items to the game.

In a post on the Team Fortress website, Valve outlined the raft of guns and items added to the game, as well as new achievements.

Weapon highlights include the Back Scatter, which minicrits targets when fired at their back and at close range, the B.A.S.E. Jumper parachute and the Air Strike rocket launcher, which increases attack speed while blast jumping.

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A recent survey of 10 million mobile gamers claimed only 2.2 per cent of the free-to-play audience spent any money at all. That's worrying - does it mean developers are deliberately designing games to cater for the minuscule minority rather than the vast majority?

Players make how much money in Team Fortress 2?

Valve and doing micro-transactions right.

"In the first week of 2014, $400k was paid out to content creators", noted Valve during the second Steam Day (summarised on Steamdb) - those content creators being people like you or me who belong to the Team Fortress 2 or Dota 2 communities.

Operate on the Team Fortress 2 Medic and Heavy with free Surgeon Simulator 2013 update

Surgeon Simulator 2013 players can now operate on the Medic and Heavy from Valve's Team Fortress 2.

The update that adds the characters is free to those who already own the game, which is £6.99 on Steam.

The Medic and Heavy play Nigel and Bob in the game, and the whole thing came about after developer Bossa Studios was inspired by Valve's Meet The Medic video.

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Steam for Linux beta opened to all

Steam for Linux beta opened to all

Oh look it's Gabe Newell in a Santa hat!

The Steam for Linux beta has been rolled out like mince pie pastry for everyone to enjoy.

Just install and register to use Steam and you're in.

The list of games available to Linux users of Steam is growing, too. Killing Floor is there as is The Book of Unwritten Tales and Amnesia. There are 39 games available there now.

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Gabe Newell named as next AIAS Hall of Famer

Oh they'll induct anyone have they no standards etc..

Such is his influence on the world of videogames and computing that it's a wonder Gabe Newell hasn't been inducted into the prestigious Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences Hall of Fame already. This coming February at the 2013 D.I.C.E. summit will be his moment.

Steam Linux beta begins, list of games grows

Steam Linux beta begins, list of games grows

"This is a huge milestone in the development of PC gaming" - Newell.

Imagine the booming voice of Brian Blessed and read: a limited access beta test for Steam on Linux has begun!

The list of games available has grown quickly to 26. Among them Dungeons of Dredmoor, Frozen Synapse, Trine 2. Larger games include Team Fortress 2 and Serious Sam 3: BFE. There's no sign of Left 4 Dead 2, but we know Valve to be working hard adapting it for Linux.

The beta will begin with a fistful - 1000 - of testers but widen as days and weeks roll by. Valve said 60,000 people filled out the survey required for participation.

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FeatureOh Mann! Team Fortress 2 Nails Co-op

Valve keeps on giving with Mann Vs. Machine - and continues to show how free-to-play should be done.

The thing about real-world robots is that they suck. I was raised on a diet of Transformers and Terminator, where stomping machines clank around, whirr into supercool jetplanes and goop through helicopter windows. Back in reality, scientists waste their time fannying about with particles they can't even see and lack the basic skills to make a robot walk like a human. Screw that.

Steam Community update beta live for first 50,000 to earn the "Pillar of the Steam Community" badge

The beta to the major Steam Community update is available to the first 50,000 players who earn the "Pillar of the Steam Community" badge, Valve has announced.

Afterwards, beta access will gradually be doled out until the public launch.

For those who don't want to bother earning badges, the first glimpse at a Steam Game Hub is live with Team Fortress 2.

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Valve opens Euro office, updates Steam terms

Valve opens Euro office, updates Steam terms

Disallows class action lawsuits, improves individual claims.

Before you can use Steam, you must agree to Steam's terms. And those terms - the Steam Subscriber Agreement and Valve's Privacy Policy - have been updated.

Valve has also opened a new office in Luxembourg to better serve its European audience with. Nice place, Luxembourg - has a population of half-a-million and a capital city named Luxembourg.

The most significant change to the Steam terms concerns taking Valve to court over a dispute.

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FeatureValve Interview: Gabe Newell Isn't The Boss of Me

Jason Holtman gives a peek inside Valve's unique structure

The employee handbook that hit the internet earlier this year pulled the curtain back on Valve, suggesting staff float about the company's Seattle offices working at desks made of gold and sitting on chairs made of clouds.

Wonderful Team Fortress 2 Pyromania patch brings rainbows, flowers, musical death-instruments

Say hello to rainbows, flowers, musical death-instruments and Balloonicorn - Pyroland has landed in Team Fortress 2.

This technicolour world arrives in today's 400MB free and automatic Team Fortress 2 update. Pyroland is the world as the Pyro sees it.

Share his vision, and general bonkers-ness, by equipping one of the new musical-themed instruments of death (Pyro weapon reskins, it seems), or by equipping the Pyrovision Goggles.

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Valve to release Source Filmmaker

Free download lets you make your own Team Fortress 2 animations.

Source Filmmaker, a free program that lets players make their own animated Team Fortress 2 clips, launches later this year, Valve has announced.

Team Fortress 2 gets new weapons in day two of Pyromania update

Valve has added a number of weapons to Team Fortress 2 as part of the second day of the Pyromania update.

Six weapons in total are added to the free-to-play shooter: two for the scout, two for the sniper, one for the soldier and one for the pyro. Check them out on Valve's City on Fire page for details and statistics.

The pyro weapon is The Scorch Shot, which will be seen in the hotly-anticipated Meet the Pyro short, set for release later today as the three day TF2 update comes to an end. The Scorch Shot is a flare gun that knocks back your target on hit and ignites enemies in a small radius.

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Valve announces "massive" Team Fortress 2 Pyromania update

Valve announces "massive" Team Fortress 2 Pyromania update

New Doomsday map and mode released, Meet the Pyro short revealed.

Valve has announced a "massive" update for its free-to-play first-person shooter Team Fortress 2, called Pyromania.

The update, to be spread across three days, goes live today with the launch of Doomsday, a new map with a new game mode.

In Valve's words: "Doomsday pits BLU against RED, with only one team getting the honor of transporting a suitcase nuke full of recalled Mann Co. Australium to American monkeynaut Poopy Joe's rocket, so he can blast off and hunt down Soviet space chimp Vladimir Bananas. It's the same spirit of competitive enterprise that stalled the moon landing by three years when Buzz Aldrin suplexed Neil Armstrong into a pile of folding chairs at Astromania '69! Both teams will attempt to get the necessary fuel up a preposterously slow-moving elevator and into Poopy Joe's Australium-powered rocket to the stars."

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Valve announces Team Fortress 2 Australian Christmas update part 2

Valve has announced the second annual Christmas-themed update for free-to-play shooter Team Fortress 2.

The Australian Christmas update part two includes two retro-futuristic "Dr. Grordbort" class packs for the Engineer and Pyro, designed by Weta Workshop's Greg Broadmore.

It adds CP_Foundry, a new five-cap control point map designed by Valve's Team Fortress 2 team and featuring 12 map-specific achievements.

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Valve details Team Fortress 2 Halloween update

Valve details Team Fortress 2 Halloween update

New map, boss fight, achievements, costumes.

A seasonal Team Fortress 2 PC update, dubbed The Third Annual Scream Fortress Very Scary Halloween Special, is up for download now.

As detailed on the game's official site, it offers a new Halloween-themed map, a boss fight with a giant eyeball called Monoculus, two new achievements, nine costume packs, a heap of new loot and plenty more besides.

It's only available until 6th November, so make haste.

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Get Team Fortress 15th birthday swag

You can never have too many hats.

Quake mod Team Fortress launched 15 years ago today. To celebrate, Valve is giving anyone who plays Team Fortress 2 today a goody bag of TF2 swag.

FeatureValve's Gabe Newell

CS: GO, Steam, Portal 2 DLC and Half-Life 3.

Gabe Newell sits proudly inside Valve's Gamescom booth knowing his company's latest game, Dota 2, has a fantastic chance of being a huge hit. Outside, hundreds are watching it being played live in a tournament with a huge $1 million grand prize. Online, thousands are poring over every detail. Things are going well.

Valve announces Steam Trading Beta

Valve announces Steam Trading Beta

Trade virtual items for other virtual items.

You can now trade in virtual items for other virtual items through Steam.

Steam Trading Beta lets you do that, and trade Steam gifts: games on Steam you've bought but not yet added to your Games Library.

Currently Team Fortress 2 items and Steam Gifts can be traded.

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FeatureGame of the Week: Team Fortress 2

Who wants to live forever?

In the introduction to our very first Game of the Week, I wrote this: "If there's nothing at all we can recommend that week - hey, it might happen - we'll take the opportunity to highlight something from previous weeks that you (or we) might have missed."

Team Fortress 2

Oh Mann.

This re-review is of the PC and Mac version of Team Fortress 2, now available for free. The console versions, included in The Orange Box, have had comparatively few updates and remain closer to the version tested in our original Team Fortress 2 review from 2007.

Team Fortress 2 raises $300k for Japan

Limited edition DLC does the business.

Last week Valve started offering Team Fortress 2 players three different pieces of limited edition in-game headwear, with all proceeds going to the post-tsunami relief effort in Japan.

Why Chet Faliszek is Valve's Mr Awesome

"I walk around the hall with my iron fist."

On Valve's website sits a profile page, and on that profile page sits an entry for Left 4 Dead writer Chet Faliszek. It reads: "We are all still trying to figure out exactly what it is that Chet does at Valve, but at the very least he occupies office space on the 11th floor as self-proclaimed Mr. Awesome."

Valve launches Team Fortress 2 open beta

Mega developer Valve has launched a public beta for online shooter Team Fortress 2 over three years after its release.

Why? To test "new technologies without the risk of breaking the game", the developer wrote on the Team Fortress 2 blog.

Valve's testing class, item and weapon changes. Mysterious "higher level, game-wide experiments" are going on, too.

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Valve unveils first TF2 boss

Team Fortress 2 players beware! The game's first AI boss beheading your way, clippity-clop, clippity-clop.

He's the Horseless Headless Horsemann, a long lost Mann family member, and he appears randomly on spooky Halloween map Mann Manor. And he wants to kill you - providing the Manor's exploding pumpkins don't get you first.

Those brave enough can face the Horseless Headless Horsemann in battle. Slay him and an achievement awaits. It's called "Sleepy Holl0WND".

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Team Fortress 2 made modders $$$$$s

"It was completely mind-blowing", says one.

In two weeks five modders from the Team Fortress 2 community made between $39,000 and $47,000 selling items through the game's new Mann Co. Store.

Team Fortress 2 gets in-game store

Update lets you buy, trade, customise gear.

A new update for Valve's Team Fortress 2 adds an in-game trading post that lets users purchase new items and upgrades or swap existing gear with other players.

Valve: XBL patching a

Valve: XBL patching a "train wreck"

Admits "total failure" to update TF2.

Valve has admitted its "total failure" to update Team Fortress 2 on Xbox 360, but insisted the fault was Microsoft's.

"We thought that there would be something that would emerge," Valve's leader Gabe Newell told PC Gamer.

"We figured it was a sort of untenable... 'Oh yeah, we understand that these are the rules now, but it's such a train wreck that something will have to change.'"

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Valve updating TF2 Engineer

Final class overhaul on Thursday.

Valve is finally updating the Engineer, the last character class in its multiplayer shooter Team Fortress 2 to get an overhaul.

TF2 owners get Sam & Max loot

Buy new episode, get severed head.

Valve has announced it is giving away Sam & Max items for use in Team Fortress 2 to people who buy the first episode of the latest Telltale adventure series.

Team Fortress 2 gets Highlander mode

There can be only one (of each class).

Valve's evergreen multiplayer shooter (in its PC incarnation anyway), Team Fortress 2, has been patched with a new game mode called Highlander.

Gabe Newell wins GDC Pioneer Award

For work on Steam and influential games.

The organisers of the Game Developers Conference have announced that Valve co-founder Gabe Newell is to receive the event's Pioneer Award this March.

Valve wants you to make TF2 items

Create/share/use hats, weapons, avatars.

Valve's unveiled the Team Fortress 2 Contribution Site, where members of the community can make and share weapons and hats and items for use in game.

Valve testing bots in TF2

Do they know it's Christmas?

Valve's been quietly building AI bots for its multiplayer shooter Team Fortress 2 on PC, and it's now ready to let players test them out in beta.

Valve fixes L4D2, updates TF2

Valve fixes L4D2, updates TF2

Not so much a patch as a bandage.

Valve has put out a patch that addresses a long list of bugs in Left 4 Dead 2, the brilliant co-operative zombie-splatting shooter released earlier this year.

There are changes to hit boxes - the mesh area surrounding a monster that registers hits - and tweaks to the controls of Special Infected. You'll be able to spin the camera when attacked by a Charger or a Smoker, and ghost placement rules have been altered in Scavenge mode.

It's a sum-of-its-parts patch, which is why I've been lazy and pasted the list below.

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Valve: Raise price and digi games still sell

Dev discusses price variation on Steam.

Publishers and developer are free to drop and raise the price of digitally released games without any penalty to future sales or consumer loyalty, according to Valve's head of Steam, Jason Holtman, as reported on

Play Team Fortress 2 for free

You've got all weekend to try it out.

Valve is giving those who've never played Team Fortress 2 the chance to try out the PC version for free this weekend.

TF2 Sniper update due in 

TF2 Sniper update due in "days"

First new weapon a bow and arrow.

Valve plans to release the Sniper update for Team Fortress 2 in "the coming days".

Inside will be three new unlockable weapons, extra Achievements and some maps. Valve will drip-feed specific details on the Team Fortress 2 blog over the next few days.

We do know one of the new weapons will be The Huntsman bow and arrow, which pins prey to walls. Let fly a bolt at someone's head to score an instant critical hit, but beware of the one-second full-power charge and the limited quiver of 18 arrows.

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The Sniper next for TF2 makeover

Plus: X360 patch "still being worked on".

Valve says the Sniper class revamp will arrive in "the largest Team Fortress 2 update yet", which has new maps and gameplay tweaks galore.

TF2 now uses multicore power

Cor. Cor. Cor. Cor.

Valve has added multicore support to Team Fortress 2, as well as various other nips and tucks that will improve performance in the multiplayer shooter.

Valve making Team Fortress 2 comic itself

Becoming "entertainment company".

Valve founder Gabe Newell opened the DICE summit in Las Vegas yesterday with a talk on his favourite topic: the concept of entertainment as a service, rather than a product.

Team Fortress 2 update due in days

Team Fortress 2 update due in days

Tweaks coming for Spies and Engineers.

Valve's Robin Walker has said on the Team Fortress 2 blog that a new update to the multiplayer shooter is on the way "in the next few days".

The update will bring a couple of extra features for the Spy and Engineer classes. Engineers' teleporters and dispensers will be upgradeable to level 3, while Spies will be able to recharge their cloaking ability by picking up ammo. The update also includes some new user interface features.

"These are just to work on some class balance and depth issues that we've seen in the wild with these two classes, but aren't meant to replace their entire class packs," said Walker. "They will be getting more attention further down the road."

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Steam Cloud to launch this week

Steam Cloud to launch this week

Centralise game data starting with L4D.

Valve has announced that Steam Cloud will launch this week.

Steam Cloud, announced at the end of May, centralises configuration data online so that you can access your controller and multiplayer settings (like spraypaint images for Counter-Strike) from any computer.

In future, Valve intends to centralise save-game data - the idea being that you could delete a Steam game and all its files and still be able to pick it up from the same spot, on any computer, years later.

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No Team Fortress 2 updates for PS3

No Team Fortress 2 updates for PS3

Valve doesn't support the system.

Valve and EA have no plans to offer downloadable classes or content for Team Fortress 2 on PS3.

Valve has no PlayStation developers, which was why EA had to internally develop The Orange Box for PS3. And that seems to be as far as the enormous publisher wants to go.

"They're not doing ongoing development on The Orange Box for the PS3," Gabe Newell, Valve boss, told 1UP.

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TF2 Heavy update next Tuesday

TF2 Heavy update next Tuesday

More weapons, maps, gameplay modes.

Valve has confirmed the Heavy update for Team Fortress 2 will be released on PC on Tuesday 19th August.

Three new unlockable weapons will be added to the TF2 class, as well as more maps and a brand new gameplay mode. Valve calls this "the largest" update made to the game since launch.

Specific details on alterations and additions will be staggered to appear on the Heavy website between now and next Tuesday.

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Valve explains Pyro TF2 updates

Valve explains Pyro TF2 updates

The weapons, achievements and maps.

Valve has given more details of what will be in the Pyro update coming to Team Fortress 2 PC this Thursday.

For starters, you can expect a "significant improvement" for the bog-standard flamethrower. Pressing the alternate fire button now produces a gust of compressed air that sends enemies flying and even redirects hostile projectiles.

So yes, you will be able to turn rockets back on their launchers, get blazing victims away from you pronto, and keep enemy medics away from their patients.

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Team Fortress 2 Pyro patch this week

Team Fortress 2 Pyro patch this week

And a Free Weekend to try it.

Valve has prepared a fresh dish of Pyro updates for Team Fortress 2, which will be served to you this Thursday.

Wafting their aroma up your nostrils will be three unlockable weapons as well as 35 new Steam achievements for the class - you must earn a certain amount of these to extend your arsenal.

The Pyro is the second class to be given a seeing to, after the medic got some fancy new guns earlier in the year.

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Chunky Orange Box PS3 patch released

Chunky Orange Box PS3 patch released

Should remedy many of the problems.

EA has sneakily released a beefy patch to address problems with The Orange Box on PS3.

The 1.10 update is 128 MB, and unhelpfully has no associated documentation to outline the changes.

Early reports suggest friends not appearing on lists and certain accounts not connecting to the EA servers should no longer be a problem.

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New PC Team Fortress 2 map today

Plus lots of other tweaks.

The awaited-since-they-announced-it Team Fortress 2 free update introducing the Badlands map is due to hit today at 11am PST, which is 7pm in old money.

FeatureValve's Doug Lombardi

Chatting about Portal and whether Orange Box will return.

On a recent trip to Germany to see Left 4 Dead, of which more soon, we sat down with Valve's VP of marketing Doug Lombardi to talk about things. Things like Portal, and whether we'll see an Orange Box 2. Like everyone at Valve, Doug's job title is a bit misleading; he does a broad range of things across the company, and has even - as he points out here - dabbled in development to some extent. He also plays Team Fortress 2 and Left 4 Dead with us when we fly over to see Valve, which is nice of him (it's nice of him to let us win all the time, too). Anyway, enough being nice about Doug - here are a few selected excerpts from our discussion, with more to come when we're allowed to talk about what the developer was actually in Germany to show off...

New maps for TF2 within two months

For PC, with 360/PS3 to be confirmed.

Valve is planning to release two more maps for Team Fortress 2 "within the next two months", according to TF2 superhero Robin Walker.

The Orange Box

The Orange Box

We pit EA's port against PC and 360.

Google "Valve's Gabe Newell and PS3" and you'll see why I approached this review with some trepidation.

Valve's Gabe Newell comes down hard on PS3

Valve: PS3 a "total disaster on so many levels"

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More Achievements for Steam

Extra TF2 rewards first up.

Valve has revealed that it will be adding more Achievements to games on Steam, starting with extra rewards for Team Fortress 2 in the coming weeks.

Orange Box 360 patched

Orange Box 360 patched

TF2 performance tweaks.

The Orange Box on Xbox 360 is definitely amazing, but Team Fortress 2 players have also been complaining of amazing lag, so Valve has released an update that it reckons fixes it.

Chief amongst the TF2 enhancements in the new patch are reductions in network bandwidth usage, improvements to overall game performance, and adjustments to the search facility so ranked games are found with greater ease and results are set to favour preferred host conditions.

You should find yourself downloading it next time you fire up the game, thanks to Xbox Live's mum-when-you're-ill ability to know exactly what you need.

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Kill Valve in 360 TF2

Also, lag patch due soon.

You might imagine they fancy a night off after ten years making it, but the boys and girls at Valve are actually quite happy playing Team Fortress 2 - and now they want to take you on.

Meet the TF2 Demoman

Don't forget to curtsy.

The Demoman is the latest Team Fortress 2 character to get his own special little video, so we've popped it in our own special little video place, Eurogamer TV.

EGTV: The TF2 Heavy

Look at the big guns.

Yesterday Eurogamer TV showed you what playing Team Fortress 2 as an Engineer would feel like: building turrets, fixing and upgrading machines, or shooting people in their silly faces with your shotgun.

EGTV: TF2 class focus: Engineer

First of many exclusive peeks.

Tom's already heaped praise on Valve's long-awaited Team Fortress 2, due to arrived with other delights in the ridiculously generous Orange Box later this month. But with the beta already up-and-running, today EGTV brings you the first of our exclusive character class gameplay showcases: the Engineer.

Team Fortress 2 beta live

Team Fortress 2 beta live

Treats for Steam pre-orders.

Those of you pre-ordering The Orange Box on Steam will now be able to play the Team Fortress 2 beta.

It will give you a chance to try out Valve's new cartoon-style multiplayer masterpiece, the same one we just today called, well, lots of things - all variations on "fantastic".

The Orange Box costs USD 49.95 on the digital distribution service, and pre-purchasers will be given a 10 per cent discount as well as a free copy of Peggle Extreme.

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Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2

King of the castle.

Thanks to failing eyesight (thanks, Suicide Girls) and this newfangled obsession with making everything look gritty, online FPS games are harder for me than ever. Half the time I can't pick people out from the environment until it's too late. Even in Counter-Strike, which is clearer than most, I often get popped in the head by a distant Colt and then have to cycle the chase-cameras to work out who killed me and from where.

So it's important to start this review by jumping up and down waving excitedly about Team Fortress 2's brilliant graphics: not only is everything extremely clear and intuitive, with character classes that you can easily distinguish at distance, but when you get killed the game crash-zooms to and freeze-frames your killer, so you can immediately identify who, why, how and where. Other FPS developers: copy this immediately.

Making a complicated team-based online FPS like Team Fortress into an accessible experience was obviously one of Valve's objectives. Each map comes with a short video that tells you about the game-type and goals; all the level architecture is distinct when you move between sections, with big sign-posts telling you which capture-point or area you're heading to; and all the weapons and abilities are really intuitive, like the Medic's healing gun, which fires health into your target and illustrates this by pumping little red crosses along the stream.

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Meet the TF2 Engineer

He likes a sing-song.

If news of next week's Team Fortress 2 beta has got you excited, you'll want to check out today's Meet the Engineer video to ride that high a bit further.

Orange Box pre-orders get TF2 beta access

Valve has made The Orange Box available to pre-order on Steam ahead of what is now a 10th October activation date - and those who pre-order will be able to play the Team Fortress 2 beta from 17th September.

Orange Box will sell for USD 49.95 on Steam, and pre-purchases will get a 10 percent discount on that price, as well as a free copy of Peggle Extreme.

The compilation release - which consists of Half-Life 2: Episode Two, Team Fortress 2 and Portal - is also being produced for Xbox 360 and PS3. The 360 version will launch at the same time (at European retail 12th October) while the PS3 version is due a few weeks later.

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FeatureValve's Gabe Newell

On Orange Box, Steam, Wii controls, next-gen.

Gosh! It seems like only 3 months and 8 days ago that we last sat down for half an hour with Valve co-founder Gabe Newell, which is probably because that was when we last sat down with him. He said lots of things back then, so for our Games Convention chat this past week we were able to skip some of the pleasantries and talk in more depth about Orange Box, Steam, Wii controls and which is better PlayStations or Xboxes. Only kidding. Sort of. Plus we talked about those excellent TF2 movie shorts - have you watched the Soldier one yet? Read on also for Gabe using a swearword, which we think is an exclusive. Enjoy.

New TF2 character vid at GC

But who is it about? Find out!

Do you remember the Heavy Weapons Guy video that Valve did to promote Team Fortress 2? Of course you do, because it was ace. Well, they're doing another one.

Valve narrows down release date

Valve narrows down release date

For EpTwo/TF2/Portal.

Word on the vine of grapes is that Valve has narrowed down Half-Life 2: Episode Two, Team Fortress 2 and Portal's cluster-release to 9th October.

The date comes courtesy of Shacknews, who spoke to Valve about it yesterday. When we popped over last month they were saying October, so it would seem to tally with that.

If the games do emerge on 9th October on Steam and at US retail though, we'd anticipate a wait of a few days before they emerge in UK shops, which traditionally toss out new games on Fridays.

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Valve won't charge for DLC

"You buy the product, you get the content".

Valve has told Eurogamer that it has no intention of charging customers who download additional content for games like Counter-Strike and Team Fortress 2, despite the widely spread increase of paid-for updates in the PC and console world.

FeatureValve's Robin Walker talks TF2

On making Hydro, and what happens after release.

Team Fortress 2 is shaping up to be one of the multiplayer PC games of the year (providing it comes out in this one, obviously). In and around our recent playtest, we were able to ask designer Robin Walker a bunch of questions about the decisions behind it, and the plan going forward beyond release. What follows is a selection of topics raised during the hours we spent in Robin's company, all knitted together fancily so it looks neat and tidy and you can read through it easily. You wouldn't want the raw transcript - it's epic, and we said a lot of stupid things. We're not very clever really. Enjoy.

Team Fortress 2

Smile some more.

In Team Fortress 2, Valve's fort-versus-fort multiplayer FPS, the devs have tried to apply the lessons they learned about iterative design to a multiplayer game. It is, in designer Robin Walker's words, "the first time we've got our shit together enough to do this" (and they've had a few goes - TF2 was originally announced in 1998). One of the words we hear a lot is "pacing". "We've always thought of pacing as a crafted thing in single-player," says Walker. "We spent a lot of time in Half-Life 2 crafting the highs and lows." Now TF2 has them - instead of standing around defending the base ("a flat experience"), you're forced to deal with rapidly evolving situations, like a Medic and Heavy Weapons Guy combining to capitalise on the former's temporary burst of invulnerability. When an enemy moves your flag, it will take 30 seconds to return to its home even if you touch it, forcing you to adjust your area of defensive focus. Similarly, get halfway through capturing a control point before death and your partial control will gradually diminish, giving the next wave the chance to resume the attack, and forcing the defending team to keep more of an eye on it. The dynamic changes minute to minute.

FeatureValve's Gabe Newell on, well, everything

Episodic, in-game ads, Steam, XBL, EA, you.

Originally published on, today's wide-ranging interview with Valve co-founder Gabe Newell touches on everything from the decision to extend Half-Life 2 episodically and introduce advertising to online multiplayer game Counter-Strike, to the future of the Steam business and what to expect from the next five years of gaming hardware. It also offers an insight into how Valve is structured, and why the developer believes listening to its customers is paramount to its success.

Valve embracing DirectX 10

Episode 2 and TF2 to support it.

Half-Life 2: Episode Two and Team Fortress 2 will both support the advanced functions introduced in Windows Vista's DirectX 10 API.

TF2 revelations due soon

Valve progress report.

Valve says that Team Fortress 2 is "really moving along in development", adding that daily playtests are an office highlight.

HL2: Episode 2 in winter

Orange and black box details.

Half-Life 2: Episode 2 today moved one step closer to completion as EA announced a winter (2007/2008) release date for the retail version of the game (last we heard it was summer).

Valve details Leipzig showing

Valve details Leipzig showing

Real-time demos, says Lombardi.

Valve's trio of new titles - Episode Two, Team Fortress 2 and Portal - will be shown in real-time at the Leipzig Games Convention.

"We'll have a real-time demo of the games behind closed doors," Valve marketing director Doug Lombardi told Eurogamer last night.

"It will not be playable, but will be new, never-before-seen items."

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Episode 2/TF2/Portal at Leipzig

Valve heading to GC 2006.

Valve Software is planning to show off Half-Life 2: Episode Two along with bonus add-ons Team Fortress 2 and Portal at the Leipzig Games Convention.

Team Fortress 2 trailer

Team Fortress 2 trailer

Now showing on EGTV.

Just last week, you may recall, Valve announced that Half-Life 2: Episode 2 will ship with the long-awaited sequel to Team Fortress.

They also presented a rather spanky trailer showcasing TF2's new cartoon-style graphics and character classes - and now it's yours to view over on Eurogamer TV.

Team Fortress 2 is due to ship alongside Ep 2 at the end of this year on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360, if everything goes to plan. Here's hoping it does.

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Valve reveals new Ep 2 details

Valve reveals new Ep 2 details

360, PS3 and PC - and it'll ship with Team Fortress 2.

In a really rather exciting presentation at EA's Studio Showcase in San Francisco, Valve has announced that Half-Life 2: Episode 2 will launch on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC simultaneously - and that's only the start of it.

Studio founder Gabe Newell was on hand to deliver the news, and to inform the audience that the console version will come complete with the original HL2 and Ep 1 for "the entire Half-Life experience."

Newell also revealed that Ep 2 will ship with a brand new FPS game called Portal. Set in the Half-Life universe, it sees you armed with some kind of crazy gun which allows you to create, well, portals. You can use them to transport yourself across rooms, or to teleport an object from one place to another - perhaps so that it falls out of the portal you've created to land smack bang on an enemy's head, for example.

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