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Team Fortress 2 updated by Valve following #SaveTF2 protests

"I'm glad they're trying, at least a little bit."

Valve has issued a new update for Team Fortress 2, a month after acknowledging a high-profile fan campaign that highlighted the current state of the game.

A "peaceful protest" to "#SaveTF2" was organised by fans in May to raise awareness of the game's many bugs, its ongoing bot problems, and the general lack of updates by Valve despite TF2's ongoing popularity.

In response, Valve said it had heard the game's community. "We see how large this issue has become and are working to improve things," it wrote shortly after.

Valve's classic Team Fortress 2.

Early this morning, a new patch went live via Steam, with a list of bug fixes and changes that has been generally well-received by fans.

A dozen exploits have been squashed, the game's vote system has been improved, plus some tournament medals have been added and updated.

"The vote system update helps," one fan acknowledged via reddit. "It's not much, but it helps. We can kick bots twice as fast now.

"On the other hand, bots can kick us twice as fast too. But if there are that many bots, theres no point in being on the server anyway.

"It's not enough, but I really want to say that I'm glad they're trying, at least a little bit."

Despite its age, Team Fortress 2 remains popular. In June last year, the game broke its all-time Steam concurrent players record, 15 years after it first launched.

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