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God of War will continue after III

But will Kratos live on?

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God of War III may end a trilogy, but Sony Santa Monica's not putting the series to bed.

"This is not the end of God of War," John Hight, studio bigwig, stated to Gamervision (via G4TV). "This is definitely the end of the trilogy, but we're [going to] continue to do God of War games.

"We're [going to] be very careful about what we do. We're the keepers of the franchise and we don't want to see it ruined or polluted."

A new God of War instalment may take a new tack and perhaps Kratos has seen his last outing - although what's left to plunder of Greek mythology we're not sure, as even world-shaping Titans are not safe from the Blades of Chaos.

God of War III, a PS3 exclusive, will be released in Europe in March. A specific date is yet to be announced.

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