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Sony announces God of War reboot

Sony announces God of War reboot

Featuring Kratos with a larger beard and possible son.

Sony revealed an all new God of War game. It's called (wait for it)... God of War.

Kicking off Sony's E3 2016 press conference, the publisher rolled the following footage showing series stalwart Kratos taking care of a young boy in the wilderness.

Kratos looks a bit older than we remember. Plus he's changed his facial hair from a goatee to a full beard.

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Face-Off: God of War 3 Remastered

The deluge of HD remasters shows no sign of abating - fatigue is starting to kick in, but the allure of prettier, smoother, enhanced versions of genuine classics remains a pretty enticing proposition. God of War 3 Remastered stands apart from the crowd by delivering a full 1080p presentation in combination with performance that is to all intents and purposes locked at 60fps. From a visual perspective, nothing can quite top the experience found when locking resolution and frame-rate to the specs of your display, but even better than that, God of War 3 emphasises how gameplay can be improved via the remastering process too.

Often compared to Uncharted 2 as a technical showcase, God of War 3 remains a benchmark visual achievement for PlayStation 3, offering up levels of detail and graphical polish that firmly established the console's technological prowess back in 2010. The breathtaking opening scene alone, set upon the giant Titan Gaia, still impresses with its sense of scale and cinematic direction. Our initial look at the opening 20-30 minutes of the game last week (and embedded at the foot of this article) revealed a near locked 60fps throughout the entire sequence, with only a single two frame drop manifesting at the beginning of one battle. The impact to gameplay was non-existent, and as result we were looking at the most consistent 1080p60 remaster since 4A Games' superb Metro Redux collection.

Impressively, this level of performance continues throughout the rest of game, with frame-rates rarely seeing any impact at all. And when dropped frames do manifest, interruptions to the gameplay experience remain almost non-existent, to the point where they are likely to go by completely unnoticed while your attention is focused on brutally dispatching the hordes of mythological creatures unleashed by Zeus and his cohorts. As such, gameplay is transformed over the PS3 release, feeling much more refined and significantly more responsive. This the sort of result the remastering process should engender: with this release, there's the sense that the full potential of Sony Santa Monica's original design is finally being realised.

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God of War 3 Remastered announced for PS4

Sony has announced God of War 3 Remastered for PlayStation 4. It launches 17th July 2015 in the UK.

The game outputs at 1080p resolution and its developers are "targeting" 60 frames per second, Sony said in a note just sent to press.

Sony Santa Monica's gory action adventure launched on PS3 in March 2010. God of War 3 Remastered marks series star Kratos' debut on PS4, and celebrates 10 years of God of War.

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Digital FoundryHow Sony Santa Monica mastered PlayStation 3

From the archive: the inside story on God of War tech - updated with a PS3 vs PS4 GOW3 performance test.

We're currently working on our analysis for Sony Santa Monica's remastered edition of God of War 3 for PlayStation 4, but in the meantime we thought we'd republish our original tech interview with the team, produced in the wake of God of War: Ascension's release and covering the development of both of Kratos' PS3 outings. Originally, this piece was published with a frame-rate analysis video of the spectacular opening level of God of War 3 on PlayStation 3. We've swapped that out with a new performance test, featuring both PS3 and PS4 versions of the game, compared head-to-head. That 1080p60 remaster we discussed with SMM at the end of this article, almost two years ago? Well - there it is.

Piranha 3DD writers discuss God of War film plans

And why they're updating Road to Perdition writer's original script.

You may not have heard of Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton - the new writers of the long-awaited God of War movie - but you've probably heard of some their films.

God of War Master Collection sighted

PS2, PS3 and PSP games in one pack.

God of War Master Collection will bundle all the PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3 and PSP games in Sony's action series into a single release, according to a listing on Amazon Germany.

Have you ever looked at a game and seen something so technically advanced, so different and so far ahead of almost everything else you've seen, that you just can't quite believe that it's running on your trusty console? Over the years, only a few choice titles spring to mind, but Sony Santa Monica's magnificent God of War III is undoubtedly the latest example. It looks and feels like a next-gen game that in some way, somehow, miraculously, manages to run on current-gen hardware.

Sony sorting GOW Trilogy availability

Three-game bundle here on 30th April.

Sony's God of War Trilogy will be released on 30th April, and the publisher's told Eurogamer that retail partners for the three-game bundle are being worked out now.

Post-GDC and in the wake of last week's gargantuan Uncharted 2 post-mortem, Digital Foundry's "downtime" this week was spent playing the UK's - and most likely the world's - number one videogame, God of War III.

God of War III: demo vs. review code

Back in 2005, Sony Santa Monica redefined the technical limitations of an entire console generation with the epic God of War. Five years later, the team has done it again with its debut PS3 outing. God of War III is magnificent.

But you've played the game already, right? Last year's E3 demo received a limited release in Europe before the code was circulated widely with the US release of the God of War Collection, and the sampler was recently made available as a general release on PlayStation Network.

Checking out the final God of War III review code, it is obvious that while impressive, the demo is simply not fully representative of the finished game. Understandably, extensive amounts of content didn't make it into the sampler, but more than that a range of visual effects have been added and performance has been improved considerably.

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God of War III

God of War III

Bye, Zeus.

Although I doubt you could count on Kratos to guide you through your Classics GCSE, it's hard to think of many other games that understand their source material as well as God of War. Sony's audience, like Homer's, is looking for the release that violent heroics can bring, an escape from drudgery into a vivid world where the emotions haven't been simplified so much as heightened.

Just look at the animations: whether it's opening a chest or opening someone's chest, Kratos puts everything into it. Shoulders quiver and shudder, knees buckle under the strain, there's audible grunting. He gives it his all, and, on the other side of the TV screen, so will you.

And so has Santa Monica Studios. With God of War III, fans of the series will find a game that's been refined and expanded. The basic approach, including the combat system, level flow and pacing of bosses and puzzles remains largely untouched. But everything's bigger, grander and more elaborate.

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Sony should sue Microsoft - Jaffe

Scrap Metal title too close to his Twisted.

God of War creator and industry loudmouth David Jaffe has suggested on his blog that Sony should "send a sternly worded legal letter" to Microsoft over its vehicle combat game Scrap Metal.

Sex scenes almost cut from GOWIII

Director wasn't keen, but relented.

God of War III director Stig Asmussen has told UGO that he wanted to leave the now-traditional sex scene out of the action sequel.

God of War III gets US release date

God of War III has been given a firm North American release date of 16th March.

You can read all about it on the US PlayStation blog. Also, look forward to a new trailer for the game debuting on February 11th.

A 16th March appearance Stateside would seem to indicate a 19th March release in Europe, but that's unconfirmed at present. Sony indicated the 19th was a "tracking date" to VG247 earlier this week. Expect confirmation soon.

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Huge GOWIII special edition for US

Euro plans TBA, but demo codes issued.

Sony has announced the God of War III Ultimate Edition for North America, which concentrates more special bonuses into a single place than a massage parlour at Canary Wharf.

God of War III

You had me at Helios.

We've all pulled the heads off things before, of course. Pretty much all videogames include pulling the heads off things (with the possible exception of Imagine Babies). But no other example springs to mind just now, because the only one worth remembering is Kratos' angry, barehanded decapitation of poor old chariot-riding Helios in God of War III. Helios is a fiery, antagonistic little pretty-boy, but once you've watched his skin stretched taught into tendrils and torn, like so much plasticine flesh in a George Romero movie, you can't help feel sorry for him.

Is it confidence, or arrogance? Sony has every reason to be confident in the charms of the next game in its series of blockbuster mythological action games - they sell, they're slick as all hell and Santa Monica Studio clearly knows what it's doing. But this is taking things a bit far.

FeatureGod of War III

The men behind the myth.

To get a sense of just how big a leap Sony's Santa Monica Studio reckons it's made from God of War II on PlayStation 2 to the upcoming PlayStation 3 God of War III, simply recall the leap Kratos took off Mount Olympus in the first one.

FeatureGod of War III

Zeus alors.

Sony has a lot riding on the fourth instalment in the God of War series. The first two PlayStation 2 releases were enormously popular, selling millions around the world, but by the time they came out PS2 had already vanquished Xbox, and indeed everyone else. By the time God of War III comes out, which may not even be this year, the story will be very different. Still, in the ongoing console battle between PS3 and Xbox 360, who better to fight Sony's corner than the, er, God of War?

First God of War III details emerge

First God of War III details emerge

Beast-riding! Titans! PS3 power!

God of War III will see Kratos hop on and control mythical beasts such as Cyclops, crashing through hordes of enemies to get to objectives and solve puzzles.

And that's just one of the new mechanics in Sony Santa Monica's new game, according to a preview in the latest issue of GameInformer magazine.

The biggest challenge will be harnessing what the PS3 can accomplish. "We want this to be the game that shows people what the PS3 can do," game director Stig Asmussen told the magazine.

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Sony quiet on leaked info rumours

PS3 price cut, Uncharted 2, LBP for PSP?

Sony Europe has declined to comment on the supposedly leaked contents of its staff annual briefing, dismissing the D+Pad report as "rumour and speculation".

Kamiya wants to "exceed" God of War

Starts by getting into a fight with Itagaki.

Devil May Cry creator and Bayonetta designer Hideki Kamiya has said he wants to "make a game that exceeds God of War's sequel".

God of War III to have multiplayer?

Speculative job ad prompts speculation.

The Internet has decided that God of War III will have multiplayer bits in it after uncovering a Sony America job ad seeking an "online gameplay programmer to join the team behind the critically acclaimed AAA titles God of War and God of War II".

God of War III confirmed

God of War III confirmed

As GoW2 director does one.

Sony has revealed that its Santa Monica studio is currently working on God of War III for the PlayStation 3.

The company also confirmed that God of War director Cory Barlog is leaving the company to pursue other opportunities.

The God of War franchise has become a fan-favourite since its release on the PlayStation 2 in 2005.

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