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God of War III epilogue was scrapped

"Maybe later."

God of War III originally had an epilogue that had to be cut during development, according to senior producer Steve Caterson.

"Probably the hardest cut was, we had a whole kind of epilogue at the end planned that we just never got... just didn't get done," Caterson told Gametrailers (thanks Kotaku).

"Maybe later," he added with a smile.

Asked where God of War III goes next, Caterson offered: "I think what I'm most excited about is seeing where this franchise goes, but I'm also excited trying something different, and then bringing what we learned and what we experienced by trying something different back to the franchise.

"And not necessarily revitalising it, but all that extra input, all that different input... You know, as an art form, any art form, the more experiences you can draw upon from other things, will just make what you're focused on so much better."

God of War III is due out exclusively for PS3 on 19th March in Europe. Check out our 9/10 review for God of War III elsewhere on the site.