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New version of RISK coming to XBLA

Plus: Sonic Adventure on the way too?

A new version of classic boardgame RISK is in development for Xbox Live Arcade.

Titled RISK: Factions, it's due out early this year and will feature a unique art style, new gameplay twists and jokes. You'll get to choose from five factions, each with their own characteristics, and battle it out over dynamic terrain.

You can also expect "Overkill moments", triggered by dice rolls, which earn awards for your avatar. On top of all that an online multiplayer mode is promised. The game is being developed by Stainless Games and will be published by EA.

Meanwhile, another treat in the works for XBLA appears to have been revealed. As reported by Kotaku, reckons Dreamcast launch title Sonic Adventure is getting a port. SEGA requested that the Dutch site remove their story and has yet to comment on whether it's true, but perhaps we can hazard a guess.