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Long read: The beauty and drama of video games and their clouds

"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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That Was The News: Part 2

More where that came from.


The trend of nothing much happening after E3 continued throughout July. EA annoyed some more people with another promo idea someone probably didn't think through properly, and really wound up Dana White by allegedly telling him UFC isn't a real sport. Well, it's certainly no WWE.

Activision raised eyebrows by announcing the RRP for Modern Warfare 2 would be £54.99, blaming a weak pound and an irresistible desire to cash in and exploit kids. Maybe not the last two.

Over in Germany 28,000 people signed a petition protesting about Government plans to ban games with violent content, or 'killerspiele' as they're known over there. As if a bit of green blood ever hurt anyone.

Still raises a chuckle, even after all these years. Has anyone seen Dietrich?

In Gizmondo News, naughty old Stefan Eriksson went back to jail again for crimes including "illegal threats, attempted blackmail, and robbery". The scamp. Whatever happened to that 2009 Gizmondo relaunch, anyway?

The games industry was quick to honour the memory of poor dead Michael Jackson by announcing DLC and a new game inspired by the star. But it was veteran game designer David Perry who provided the most moving tribute when he recounted the time he almost smashed Jackson's son in the face with an egg.


The games industry descended on Germany once again for Europe's biggest game show but headed for Cologne rather than Leipzig this year. There we saw Sony's Andrew House (big fish, little fish, cardboard box) unveil PS3 Slim. He also announced PSP Minis, not as it turned out a new range of feminine hygiene products but some new games.

Meanwhile, Microsoft sent in Peter Molyneux to spaff on about Fable III for half an hour. At least he turned up though - Nintendo didn't, too busy patenting inflatable unicorns.

So would. Ultimate DILF.

Meanwhile meanwhile, Cage David tried to put talk of quick-time events in Heavy Rain to rest by showing journalists a section of the game that looked a bit like a quick-time event.

Meanwhile meanwhile meanwhile, Eidos attempted to "do a Radiohead" by allowing Championship Manager fans to pay whatever they felt the latest instalment was worth. Not sure that worked out too well.

And finally: Tim Curry.


This month it was off to Japan for the Tokyo Game Show. Andrew House (has anybody got any Veras?) promised us it would be worth the trip and he did disappoint. We expected to see the new PS3 motion controller in action; what we got was Kaz Hirai standing in a warehouse banging on about everything Sony's ever done for 57 minutes.

Meanwhile, at a separate conference we weren't invited to for not being Japanese, Jun Takeuchi showed how you could use the motion controller to play Resident Evil 5: Director's Cut. Shuhei Yoshida revealed it would also work with LittleBigPlanet, Flower, PAIN and EyePet. Plus Sony unveiled a new pink and white PS3. It was all very exciting, presumably.

Sorry, couldn't find any decent pictures of Andrew House (remember to drink plenty of water - rave safe!). Shame.

Also at TGS, Hideo Kojima talked sex, violence, gambling, flying cars and Project Natal. Microsoft showed how you could use the new technology to play Space Invaders and look like a tit.

Back in the UK Sony played down claims of a fundamental problem with PS3, dismissing some hard-hitting investigative reporting by Iain Lee. Eurogamer did a bit of investigative reporting of its own, tackling the latest claim by Tim Langdell's Edge Games of trademark infringement. SERIOUS FACE.

Toby Gard said goodbye to Lara Croft, more than a decade after he invented her. And probably had a little cry.

Tecmo Koei provided the best PR quote of the year so far, with a spokesperson telling Eurogamer: "You waggle the pad, the girl's tits bounce." It doesn't really matter what the game was, does it?


It was time for the highlight of the gaming - and indeed every - calendar as the Eurogamer Expo took place in Leeds and London. Thousands of loyal readers, serious gamers and confused passers-by attended the show, as reported by the Expo blog.

Highlights included Paul Wedgwood showing off Brink and the voice of Mario phoning Johnny's Mum. Also putting in an appearance was Quantic Dream's Cage David, who talked more about Heavy Rain and wisely observed, "When you are 18, you won't be shocked for the rest of your life because you saw nipples." Quote of the show.