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PSP getting sub-100MB games in Oct

15 "Minis" to start, 50 by end of the year.

Sony Europe president Andrew House has unveiled "Minis on PSP", an initiative that will see the release of smaller PSP games starting on 1st October.

"Minis allow many developers who have never developed for PSP before to do so for the first time," said House. It's part of Sony's new PSP focus of "Content content and more content", and games will be limited to 100MB in size.

EA is on board to do Sudoku and Tetris games, with more to follow, while Gameshasta in India and Halfbrick Studios in Australia are also working on it.

15 games will be available for launch and House said 50 games in total would be out before the end of the year.

Although it wasn't made explicitly clear, one would imagine this is the same thing as the unnamed PSP app store announced at E3, for which games are believed to cost €5 and under. We'll see.

Should you be a sproglet with no credit card to your name, however, you can still take advantage, as House also announced that PSN voucher cards would be put on sale in Europe in €20 and €50 denominations. These will work with PSP and PS3 purchases.