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Loads of Germans sign pro-games petition

Save our killerspiele!

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Over 28,000 people in Germany have signed a petition to get the Government to reconsider proposals to ban violent videogames.

Last month Germany's interior ministers threatened to kick off about 'killerspiele' ahead of elections later this year.

However, under the rules outlined on the Government website (in German, obviously), if a petition gets more than 50,000 signatures within three weeks, the Petitions Committee holds a public hearing so the petitioners can present their case.

The petition itself, helpfully translated by our friends at, implores German citizens:

  • to erase the irritating and discriminating term of "killerspiele" from political discussion;
  • to strengthen the trust of the public in existing national youth-protection mechanics;
  • to improve and warrant the execution of existing laws, that ensure kids and the youth only get access to video- and computer games appropriate according the USK;
  • to support parents, teachers [or pedagogues, if you're translating into your second language - thanks again Tanja!] and educational responsible persons in the advancement of media competence;
  • to promote the computer- and videogames industry in Germany and especially the training of these promising professions.

Girl power!

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