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Resi 5 to work with PS3 magic wand

Along with LBP, EyePet, Flower and more.

Sony has revealed that Resident Evil 5: Director's Cut will be playable with the PS3's new motion controller.

The announcement was made at a second conference at the Tokyo Game Show, as reported by Kotaku. Producer Jun Takeuchi showed how the game could be played with a DualShock in one hand and one of the new magic wands in the other. Resident Evil 5: Director's Cut is due to launch in spring 2010.

Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuei Yoshida then revealed that LittleBigPlanet will also feature motion controller support. A video showed one player using a DualShock to control Sackboy, while the other used the wand to control levers within the level.

Other games set to get wand support include EyePet, Flower, High Velocity Bowling and PAIN, with more to be announced in the future.

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