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Resident Evil 5 Steam update adds local split-screen coop

You can stand under my Umbrella.

Resident Evil 5 has received a new update on Steam.

Along with some smaller bug fixes, this update has also added local split-screen co-op. Yes, after nearly 14 years, it is here.

The split-screen co-op feature was native to all console versions, but has been notably absent from the PC version.

Cover image for YouTube videoResident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6 - Nintendo Switch Launch Trailer
Resident Evil 5 and 6 were ported to the Nintendo Switch a few years ago.

Additionally, this update has also removed the Games For Windows Live requirement - something that has been a bugbear for many.

Needless to say, this update has come as a bit of a surprise for many Resi 5 players, and a quick glance at the update's discussion thread threw up several comments that amused me.

"Holy crap, they updated this old game? Good on them," wrote one user.

"Yo, who is the rogue Capcom employee that cared enough to fix this port 14 years later?" added another.

Well, whoever they may be, they have evidently made many players very happy with lots of general "thank you" comments also filling the thread.

The latest Resident Evil 5 patch notes in all their glory.

This update has now left some speculating if a Resident Evil 5 remake is on the cards, much like the impending release of Resident Evil 4's remake (which is set to come to PlayStation and Xbox consoles as well as PC on 24th March).

I would guess this is perhaps a bit of a stretch right now, but never say never I suppose.